A hah!!!!

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Smitten Kitchen uses butter for her cupcake icing!!!!!


Damn, this makes me feel like trying!! Doesn’t help that I found that my mom has a set of icing decorating kit!!


Maybe I should just screw law and human rights over and step over to baking. Since it makes me soooo happy. Human rights just make me miserable, thinking about the situation.

On another note, I can’t be bothered to talk about the budget anymore. I do have a draft of it, but I can’t be bothered to “perfect” it already. All my discussions with friends, my friends keep saying I’m a BN supporter, when I’m not even anybody’s supporter. I am just generally grateful for what little things the government is doing for us. I mean, we’re not in Utopia, and even in Utopia there might be problems as well. Though then you wouldn’t call it Utopia… Hmmm. Whatever. No point pondering what we didn’t get; concentrate on what we have gives us more happiness. Just thinking about what we could have gotten would just make you miserable. Don’t you think? Lets leave the critiquing to the learned unbiassed academics that would be able to give constructive criticism instead of just mamak style critique we Malaysians seem to enjoy. Probably why our mental health is deteriorating, in my opinion. Mine, I know is pretty much because of that. My GP even told me to not read the newspaper for at least 6 months. Settle my life first before the big picture. Not that I am listening; I still read the papers. However, just for finding any new interesting words for me to use…

So yeah, I don’t want people to bombard me with how I am a BN supporter and a typical Bumiputra and all. You know, the irony of people calling me a racist is that, they’re actually the one who is racist. They can’t imagine another person being able to think for people in general; it must be because of they think that their race is superior. So someone not supporting their race would be racist in their minds.

How ridiculously sad.

On Malaysian politics… My mom’s various contacts were telling her that the crossover on the 16th of September is a very real possibility. Not really caring about what happened in Parliament, she thought, whatever. Initially. Then people started saying the possibility of the UMNO people not allowing their members to change their party suddenly.

Which might mean a repetition of the May 13th incident.

My mom wasn’t around during that period; she was already in Australia doing her first degree (which is why she gets extremely annoyed when people say she wouldn’t be anywhere if she weren’t considered a Malay officially. She’s biologically Chinese. However, just think, if she went away before even the event that created NEP was even in the minds of people, how in the world could she benefit from it?). She only heard what  had happened.

And my mother being my mother, she decided we should stock up on food, just in case it happens!! Even though she was never a Scout, she still subscribe to the “Be prepared” motto.

So when we went to Tesco today…

… our total was more than RM500. -_-

I honestly think she overdid it.

15kgs of rice!! And we hardly eat rice in the first place!!!

Canned food, boxes of milk, dried food, cookies, cereal… OMG.

I was too embarrassed to even take a picture of the amount of food we bought.

And even if I did take a picture of it… I wouldn’t put it up on my blog.

Not that my internet connection allows it anyway!!


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