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Desserts!! Yum!!

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I’m reading what I consider might be the best dessert book ever. Hahaha. It tells you how to make literally anything!! And if the ingredient is not straight forward “sugar” or “flour” or “egg” or whatever, they usually have the recipe to make it!! There’s a recipe to make sponge fingers (those that you use to make tiramisu. Yum yum!!), red current preserve, gula melaka (seriously!! Like, the type that you buy, in blocks that one? Yeah!!)… All sorts!! And regardless of the fact that there’s a gula melaka recipe, it is not Malaysian. The book is called “The World Book of Sweets and Desserts” by Nina Froud and Tamara Lo. My mom got it when she was studying in University of Essex in 1974/75 (yes, my mom is that old) and she told me she hardly opened it. Hrmph. A true non-dessert eater!!

There are no pictures in here. However, reading it, I could just imagine how it would turn out. OMG thank goodness I’ve broken my fast. If not it’ll be torture!! Or maybe not… Salivating would have done a bit of good, since my mouth was soooo dry today.

I found one recipe which is cute. “Mrs Sarah Harrison’s Goofeberry Fool.” Reading throughout the recipe (it is quite short, admittedly), I realize it is a spelling error. The book was written during those times where things are typed on a typewriter instead of a computer, I guess, so the typist didn’t realize the mistakes so much. Though it is weird that the said typist skippled D and went straight to F from S. Words such as fclad (scald) and ftrain (strain) tickles me!! Hehehe.

Ahhh!!!! Can’t wait to be trying all these recipes!!

OMG I’m going to be fat. A sad fatso at that, since I wouldn’t be able to make people fat along with me. Sigh.

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