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When should we get it?

September 11, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

My mom asked that question a few days ago.

It refers to a car.

Her current car has broken down a record breaking amount of time the pass few weeks, it is scaring her a bit.

Doesn’t help that she has to drive at least 40 minutes to get to her workplace…

The lucky car is now a Toyota Vios, as her mechanic adviced her against buying a Honda. Can’t remember for the life of me why.

When I came back and a friend was saying there was a place at his newspaper as his colleague resigned, my mom say why don’t I apply for the place? I told her, as a lame excuse, that I don’t own a car to go catch the news.

She proclaimed “if you need a car, we can get one tomorrow.”

Seems that the key point is that it needs to be me who needs the car. She doesn’t think her need is important enough.

That’s my mom for you. Weird in her thinking.

Nonetheless, as my licence is only for show, she absolutely abhor the idea of me driving a new car.

“Of course I would be driving the new car!!”

Right… However, you also wouldn’t allow me to drive the old Merc. Not that I want to. It’s just too bloody big.

So… why should we get a new car again, if it is when I need it but I cannot drive it immediately?

I told her, since I won’t be needing a car anytime soon, why don’t she get the car now, and use it while I’m mon my break… and then when I need it, the car is no longer really “new”.

Today she told me she needs to wait for her pay to come in before she can decide.



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