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Meet Nani.

Yesterday, no one would think Nani suffers from OCPD; Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder. Maybe Schizotypal personality disorder, some sort of anxiety or panic disorder, Bipolar Disorder or even Depression, but never OCPD. She’s too messy for it. Too messy and too lazy for it.

Probably the symptoms have appeared once in a while. In her baking (ignore the fact that she hardly measures anything), in how she washes the dishes (especially mugs), needing her bedsheets to be changed every week without fail… Probably.

However, still, never ever being victim of OCPD.

On the 4th till 5th of August 2007, Nani went to a conference organized by the UKEC at Nikko Hotel, KL. It was the first MSLS, and Nani was content sitting next to Tasha and a stranger on the first day. She didn’t bother introducing herself to anyone. Then, before the event started, someone that looked familiar sat in front.

Oh no. Is it that girl who thought Nani was trying to get her boyfriend in A-levels? No, she looks a bit different. Still, to be on the safe side, Nani didn’t bother saying hi. Hmmm, the guy next to her didn’t look familiar. Oh well. The last she heard about the girl, she has broken up with her boyfriend before we finished A-levels as he would be continuing his studies in England. Ah well… Just ignore her.

4th of August happened… No, Nani kept among her group. Admittedly, she didn’t know all of them, and Amni was just too far at the back and went back early because she can’t be bothered. Observing the girl in front of her, Nani doubts it is the same girl from her pass. Sounds different and what little she’s heard her say, it is very unlikely she is the same girl.

Next day came and the guy next to that girl decided to introduce himself to Nani. His name was Raja Adamullah, and he would be going to York to study PPE (okay I can’t remember the exact facts already). The girl next to him got dragged along, and she introduced herself as Ain Zubaida.

Relieved washed through Nani; it is not the same girl, definitely. She seems nice, this Ain Zubaida. She would be going to City to do Acturial Science this coming fall. Oooo, a contact in London!!

It was a tiring day, so Nani decided she wanted to go back early as a talk she wanted to attend was cancelled and she didn’t see the point of staying, what with getting insulted and her group didn’t want to hear her opinion on things. She got Adam and Ain Zubaida’s contact. The latter had her own name card, how cool is that? Haha.

Nani added Ain Zubaida on facebook and finally got her MSN. Nani found out Ain Zubaida wants to marry an Irish. Nani also found out Ain Zubaida goes by the very kampung name of Beda. Drop the H as it doesn’t appear in her name and would like to avoid being confused with the Malay word for “surgery” (bedah). Nani gets along well with Beda after all her complaining about how tough 3rd year law is.

On the last week of first term, Nani went down to London and stayed at Beda’s and found out that Beda likes to tidy and vacuum her room. Not so much, initially. Then slowly, Nani realize that Beda suffers from OCPD.

Years pass by, and Beda needs to move out from her halls and to a house. She got a uber-awesome apartment north of London, where she will be staying with 3 other girls.

One of them also suffers OCPD.

Together, they made the apartment uber-familiar for guests to find things. They label what should be where on the drawers and shelves.


Nani went there when she went to pick up her mother who was coming for her graduation. She brought things down that she would not be able to finish as she stupidly decided to reject Queen’s offer on doing an LLM there. She saw that Beda wasn’t kidding when she said her housemate labelled the places to store things. She could arrange the things she’s leaving for Beda and housemates.

Now, Nani is tidying her own room. Yesterday, she went to Tesco and one of the things she got herself is self-adhesive labels.

To label her room with.

Like Beda and her housemates did for their kitchen.


Beda, what have you turned Nani into?

First, taught her it is possible to like a bunch of people due to their accent (Nani is sane enough to not agree with her which accent that should be); now OCPD.

What next?

Love for maths?

OMG that would be the antithesis of Nani Salleh!!!!

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