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A note on freedom of expression

September 13, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have maintained all this while that, in my opinion, the Malaysian government had not breached the freedom of expression of journalist due to the self-censorship done by the editors. I might explain it further later. Or maybe it’s just mainly because, self-censorship is a form of expression; you are exercising your negative right not to express yourself, and you choosing exactly what not to express. The freedom of expression of the journalists might be breached; but not by the government but their own editors.

However, due to the new development of the detention of the Sin Chew Daily journalist Tan Hoon Cheng under the ISA… Well, I can’t continue saying that, can I?

Ahhh… I broke my promise with my GP. Ah well. Been breaking it all this while after all.

What in the world, really… detaining a journalist who reported on the racist comments. So what if she was campaigning for Pematang Pauh anyway? I don’t get it. And the racist comments are deemed to be racist anyway. So why detain her for reporting something that is true? I admit that I haven’t been reading the news lately. But seriously…

Of course, I don’t really know the exact wording of the provision which they use to detain her.

Oh, I can’t be bothered so much about Raja Petra and Teresa Kok, to be honest. I am not exactly a fan of his anyway. And I am not supporter of absolute freedom of expression, even the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution kind. (To be honest, I think it is downright silly, the definition that the Supreme Court has reached for it. Urgh. Main reason why I don’t want to study US Civil Liberties) And Teresa Kok… Well, I don’t really care much about politicians, government or opposition, and I’ve no idea what is the deal with the mosque anyway. Better not bother commenting, I would think.

Nonetheless, being trained in human rights (or civil liberties. Whatever), I would never condone ISA or any provision of the sort. I could never ever accept a detention without trial. It just… doesn’t bother me as much. Okay that doesn’t sound right. I am not as moved as to defend it. However, if I’m the only person defending it, I would speak up. One thing about me is that, I tend to avoid the big civil liberties such as those of refugees, war victims, etc. I rather deal with things that you actually don’t realize and probably don’t care. One thing I’m passionate about is age discrimination that we Asians go through. Oh, not the senior citizens stuff. The younger people being less respected by their elder. With education, you can’t really say that the older are wiser. That’s too generalized!! Bleh. Not continuing here.

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