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I decided to stalk the few famous people who are amongst my facebook friends.

Okay, I admit, there’s only one; Amir Muhammad.

I heard of his existence when I was in A-levels, while I was still painstakingly deciding what in the world was I going to do. My mom came back from work one day and said “oh, you know what? Amongst this year’s fellows (Mr Muhammad would know and I am not giving the fellowship away since it might give away my mom’s identity. I’m avoiding that) is this guy who did law in England even though he had no intention of practicing law.”

I was like, “really? There’s such crazy people in this world?”

Nonchalant and in somewhat admirable tone, she said “yeah. He picked law so that he would be able to get a loan. He just wanted an overseas education to broaden his mind.”

Wow, I thought. And here I am wondering should I pick law if I don’t want to practice it. Sadly, after 3 years of studying for my degree, I’m still thinking about it.

I finally met Amir the day before I flew back to England last year. I insisted on getting his book, “Malaysian Politicians say the Darndest Things” before I left, especially since I wasn’t sure if my mom would bother getting it (though admittedly she would get it if I insisted anyway). Good thing I did insist, in a way, as well. Since when I went to MPH when I first came back, I couldn’t find a copy of the book. :S Admittedly, my copy is nearing Port Klang now. Ohh!! Might have even… urgh… not landed… Harbored? Yeah, should be harbored. Or harboured, for you British English enthusiast.

Didn’t ask him much though. I was worried about my unfinished packing at that time. The only question I remembered asking him was why law. His response? “Because it was the easiest” and accounting would be boring. My friends thought the guy was crazy just from that quote; even more so when they found out he did law without planning to practice it. Ah well. The benefit of being a Malaysian, with government providing us education loan. Unlike in Singapore. We Malaysians don’t realize just how lucky we are compared to our neighboring countries.

Damn, the introduction is being too long.

Anyway, I can’t remember for the life of me how I found out Amir Muhammad had facebook. Nonetheless, I added him, thinking I would probably would want to ask him some stuff. However, I have yet to do that. Heck, I can’t even figure out if I do have any questions to ask him. I’m doubting myself too much.

Back to the topic; why the title of this entry is “blogger”.

Maybe I’m being big mouth and “advertising” the event without his permission, but I would assume he would appreciate the advertising. And even if it is supposed to be a hush-hush event… Well… I don’t exactly have many readers anyway. Okay more like repeat visitors. I do somehow get at least 10 hits a day. However, none are repeat visitors. My statcounter’s recent visitor map has a sign from every continent. Which makes me proud even if they don’t drop by again. Admittedly, most of them are searching for Wacky Woolies anyway.

ANYWAY!!! Hmmm… Maybe I do have a question for him; any tips on how to stay on one topic.

Gahh!! Blogger blogger!! Anyway, he created an event for his new video, Malaysian Gods, which would be screened on the 20th of September, a Saturday, at GSC 1Utama. It’s damn near to my place, and only will cost RM10. A fraction of the amount I had to pay for Sex and the City that I watched in England. Okay fine, about half. Haha. Anyway, anyone who stumbled onto my blog who’s interested in watching should get their tickets here. It states there that ” This movie ticket will be available on the 1th of September.” Not being the author of that website, please don’t ask me when is the “1th of September.” I’m guessing from the 13th to the 19th; unlikely before that since Amir only created the event yesterday.

The main topic: blogger. In the event listing, he wrote there “Media and bloggers masuk gratis – but you need to reserve as well.”

Media, who in the right mind wouldn’t understand the term, right?

I’m curious as to how could you be classified as a “blogger”.

After all, it is not hard to start a blog. And the definition of a blogger is someone who has a blog. The author of a blog. Blablabla.

However, being lumped with the media… And I’ve done law and know that some weird interpretation rule states that if there’s an ambiguity, you try finding out from the other companion words that were used with the ambiguous words. Shit, this is A-levels law. I can’t remember what rule is it. Golden rule? Whatever.

One would assume that he would mean that the said blogger would need to have a certain amount of following, right?

However, kepoh me saw that on the wall of the event, there’s a guy who wished that Amir had mentioned that bloggers could go in for free earlier.

Opened his facebook profile, clicked on the link of his two blogs, and couldn’t find a hit counter. So I opened his profile (oh, he uses blogspot). Not that many people have checked his profile… and the two blogs… Well… one seems like a poetry blog and the other is a fashion blog of some sort.

So does he qualify in getting the free seat, if, hypothetically he hasn’t paid for the event?

Admittedly, it is possible that he got invited and I didn’t. Why would I get invited anyway?

Still… I am very the curious.

After all… RM10 is a lot to an unemployed 😉

PS: Got the answer; restricted to movie bloggers. Ahh… now that makes more sense 😉

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