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Baking and photography

September 17, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

So I thought I wanted to indulge my two very much enjoyed activities; baking and cooking (which reminds me, I’m thinking of changing my blog title, again. Cameras [hoho!! plural!!], cookies and kambing. Kicking out cartoon coz I am not as crazy over that for now). Like Smitten Kitchen, you know? Just for fun, and they might make interesting subjects.

However… I keep forgetting to do it before it is too late, like when I start eating my cake and what not. So I say, forget it. On top of that, living in the hot and humid climate makes baking during the day when the lighting is awesome rather annoying. And since I hate my flash like hell… Nah… Forget it. It will be the last time I combine my passions.

I’ll stick to photographing botany. Not that there’s much available considering that I live near KL. A suburb of KL. Ladida.

Started baking last Saturday. Made the Nestum cookies without eggs. Used margarine and just one cup of sugar instead. Somehow, I prefer it with margarine. I don’t know why. Maybe when I was in England, the butter was too rich? I don’t know. And it is not soooo sweet. Just nice, just one cup of sugar. And it didn’t feel so hard due to the melted sugar inside. I recommend reducing the sugar for it and like I mentioned in that post, to bake at a lower temperature, say 160 degrees, so that the cookies wouldn’t rise so much as to make it loose the shape.

Made it with my dentist/ friend who came over at our place for iftar. I am thinking of asking her to refer me to one of her colleagues, to be honest. I no longer feel comfortable having anybody in the medical  and dental profession that are my friends treat me. The new changes, I guess. Also, with her being my mom’s “friend” as well… I don’t want her to accidentally tell my mom anything.

Oh, not because I don’t trust my doctors. Just that I don’t trust my mom enough on these things, and we’re only human. I try my best to ensure that my relationship with my doctors remain in the realm of doctor-patient relationship as much as possible. If they can’t maintain in that way when I’m their patient, I move on and find another that could.

I’ll just see how it goes.

Anyway, my dentist/friend is in her early thirties. Now an associate professor already. Superb in her work, with the most senior people in the University going to her to deal with their dental problems. An endodontist; those that do root canal? Yeah, quite scary.

However, she’s quite hopeless in other area. Not that much unlike Beda now. Haha. 😛

On tasting food, she used to say, “the comments that come out of my mouth is only one: Yum!”

She can’t really tell if the food has gone bad or whatever. Quite, hopeless, as I’ve mentioned.

I wouldn’t embarrass her, regardless of the fact that you wouldn’t know who she is…

The recipe calls for the cookies to be cut with a cookie cutter. At first, she could only do it with two hands. It was quite odd, seeing someone doing it so slowly. Haha.

However, towards the end, she got trained well and only needed to use one hand to cut and transfer the cookie onto the baking tray.

I suppose not so hopeless. Nonetheless, if you saw how she was initially, you would have been worried. Haha.

It’s fun, baking. And even more satisfying when you finally found the best recipe for what you’re making!! Haha!!

The book that I was going crazy over in this post? Tried the recipe for the sponge fingers there; didn’t work out. It tasted like another type of biscuit that I was crazy over, so it’s not so bad.

However, wonders of the internet!! Love the internet!! Anyway, due to the wonders of internet, I found the most perfect recipe for sponge fingers!! It turned out superbly and I will be using them when I make tiramisu tomorrow. (Edit: the tiramisu turned out wonderful!! I am soooo not going to ever buy sponge fingers again!!) The lady who authors that website is absolutely amazing. There’s a conversion table for just about everything!! Now I know I can make buttermilk and can bake those sinful cakes on Smitten Kitchen!! I’m obsessed with that blog. Haha. Made one of their cakes; just the cake though. As it is, it’s super rich and super yummy!! Though it taste too much like eggs, so Faliq would hate it. Haha.

I am really tempted to just quit with law and go into baking!! It’s just so much fun!! And sooooo satisfying when you can actually see that you made something!!

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