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We know that the Sept 16 takeover didn’t happen.

No biggie to me.

However, I realize a few of my acquaintances had in their MSN personal messages and status as being something along the lines of changes takes time.

Intrigued, I asked one of them, “change for what?”

“For Anwar to be the prime minister and for the Federal Government to change to Pakatan Rakyat.”

Rich, coming from someone who made so much noise on how slow the Ministry of Higher Education was with AUKU and the various “slowness” of the BN government.

However, when it comes to the opposition… all the time they need could be afforded.

Just, when changes that really do need a lot of time for the results to be seen… He deemed it slow.

Interesting eh, how biased people can be due to their political views?

I find it absolutely fascinating!

I personally find it sad that people can cloud their judgments on the current government due to their own political view, due to the party that is in power.

Why can’t we be grateful for what we do have?

If we do want to give a critique… Constructive criticism should be what we give. Not just mamak stall critique that we Malaysians seem to embrace so gladly.

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