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Credit Cards

September 20, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I went to HSBC today. To open an account, obviously.

Having used HSBC in England (I wouldn’t open with them the second time round. Their service suck), I was curious if the bank card would look like my credit card.

Got a really friendly girl. Felt at ease with her and had no problems chit chatting about my silly habits; especially when she was counting the coins. How I used to pay the bills using coins if it was a lady at the counter but not if it was a man since men can’t be bothered to count every single sen. It amused me to no end. However, now my mom pays the bills somewhat like direct debit, so I am cheated out of my silly little “pleasure”.

Anyway, she was surprised at first that I had a HSBC credit card already. It was obvious that it was Malaysian; the design of the card. I said it was supplementary. She responded “so soon can apply for principle already!!”

I just smiled.

Of course they would want more business, right?

However, I would still stick to being a supplementary of my mom’s credit card. It’ll be much easier to accumulate the points to get the freebies.

Also, regardless of having my own credit card, I very much doubt I’ll get the same credit limit as my mom does.

Not that I need it to be that high anyway, to be honest.

However, I don’t see the need to pay separately, even when I do earn my own income. I’ll just pay her. The same reason; easier to collect points.

And we’re currently paying a lower rate anyway for the supplementary card annually.


So, unless I get a “free for life” principle credit card, or my mom decide to stop with the HSBC one and just keep her CIMB Enrich one, which is free for life, I would stick to being supplementary.

I feel like I’m repeating myself. Oh well. Too bad. Haha.

There’s this comment that I received, on my Silver Heels post. From someone I don’t know. I don’t really like comments because of this; I don’t know how to respond to it. Nonetheless… since it ties with the topic I’m talking about… I am somewhat responding to the comment.

The commentor told me that she uses a credit card to pay for her shoes… Can’t remember what now and I’m too lazy to check which bank’s credit card is she using. She sounds like someone my age, or maybe younger. I’m not sure.

I’m not an advocate for people to get credit cards, regardless of the fact that I do have one. Especially younger ones. Yes, it is convenient, not having to pay with cash and carry a lot of cash around… Still… Some people seem to think that they could spend to the limit of the credit card and pay the minimum amount without any dire consequence coming… Which is basically how people fall into debts in the first place.

Quite silly to be in debt at such a young age, right?

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  1. zubaida ain beda
    September 20, 2008 at 9:27 am

    wah who who.
    use debit card if don’t want to carry cash. parkson klcc allows you to do this.

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