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Cross Border LLM

September 20, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I am soooo close to applying for the Cross Border LLM between Queen’s Belfast and NUI Galway. Super duper close!! Like, nail and nailbed close; 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 yocto meter. If it isn’t for Queen’s not opening the application for 2009/10 intake… I would have submitted my application. Of course, I haven’t even told my referees that I ended up rejecting the offer. Also, 2008/09 term hasn’t even started in Queen’s!!

Urgh, why the sudden urge to study in Galway? Because I stumbled upon this blog about this American guy who is studying in Galway for a semester. And the pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! Urgh. Somehow not like the gray mental pictures of what I have of Belfast. This coming from someone who’s never been there… Horrible.

Maybe because I’m just too loyal to Britain. Hahaha.

That’ll be the day… the day I suddenly lose my head and support the Republicans (American or Irish would apply)… that people would laugh at me. Like they haven’t already.

Still, considering that I am only tempted to go to NUI Galway because I’ve seen the pictures of that town but not trying to find the same for Belfast. I’m really being unfair to the latter, right?

Nonetheless, I know when I’m not being silly, I wouldn’t think of applying for the cross border programme.


Because I need to be a Northern Irish resident of at least 6 months for me to qualify to be an NHS patient. It’s the same in all the 3 “nations” that make up the UK.

And if I do the Cross Border LLM, I would have to leave Belfast after 4 months… I wouldn’t qualify. Even if I go back to Queen’s for the summer semester. It absolutely wouldn’t work.

And everything across the border would be more expensive!!!!!

I should really do that research on my and Amni’s future book, “Leprechauns and the Irish Inflation.” Where we would show how it is no longer worth it to try capture a leprechaun. Hahahaha.

To try write about Toyols and the Malaysian Inflation just wouldn’t be as funny as on the leprechauns. Mainly because the Irish has populated bigger part of the world and… Malaysia is getting more and more populated by non-Malaysians.

Still… yeah… I’m too ill to not consider these things. I need the free meds and rob the Northern Irish their tax!! Like I did to the English.


Still, they have robbed me enough with the ridiculous amount of fees they require from us international students!!

Nonetheless, I miss being on that part of the world. I so very the miss that part of the world!!!!!!

I am… I don’t know what to call it even. Something-sick.

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