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Journalists professing to be unbiassed and educated are soooo biassed and so uneducated.

Why are Malaysians just ungrateful for the little things that the government do to ease our lives?

Why do we always want everything that could be given?

They point out how unwell our economy are.

Yet, in another article say that we have a big current account surplus so we’re doing well so we should subsidize petrol more.

Seriously, could you decide what you want to write?

Especially when it is facts to back up your opinion, not just reporting facts?


Unbelievable, that studying UK judges’ adjudication manner is affecting how I judge Malaysian journalist.

Ah well. After all, the tutor wasn’t a UK citizen and the definition of adjudication was given by a Canadian academic.

Adjudication is not region or subject specific after all.

Human rights is not just discussed by lawyers anyway.

Sociologists, politicians, journalists with no such training, mamak stall occupiers…

People keep saying that I’m crazy to want to go to Northern Ireland to study.

I would respond because it make sense to study the Northern Irish situation at the place itself, right?

At first I was surprised how such thing could happen.

After all, the Irish are a very proud bunch. They are very proud to be Irish.

Yet, during those situations, they concentrated on their differences; their politican ideology and their religion.

So many people were killed.

We should be proud of one thing, we Malaysians.

We have more differences than the Irish then.

Yet, how many people were killed because of our differences?

Did May 13 become as long as the situation in Northern Ireland?

Must we really emphasize our differences?

Do you really think than unity in diversity that impossible?

Oh, I do want to emphasize that I would leave the country the moment it turns secular like Turkey, or have the government superimpose a single race on all the citizens. It’s fake and would never actually address the tension between race.

Not to mention breaching one’s human right to identity; usually worded in someone’s right to private life.

I support education instead of just hushing people and saying it is a sensitive issue.

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