Respect and rudeness

Is a one way street in our Asian culture, especially Malay.

Respect and rudeness are only from child to parent, never the other way round. Never the older to the younger; always the younger to the older.

Too bad if you’re the younger person craving for respect. You need to make it huge before they even bother.

Rudeness… well; it is easy to do this.

And regardless what the older person does… it is never ever rude.

We’re, the younger, are less than dirt to the older people.

How sad is that?

And they can actually ask me why I want equality for all ages, and will fight for the younger instead of the older?

Too bad that older people lose their jobs because a younger person could do the same job at a lower cost.

You need to face reality; younger people are getting more and more educated.

Being older doesn’t mean you have tasted more salt.

Ask Amni, she likes salty stuff. I’m sure she has tasted more salt than most older people. She’s only 22.

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