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It’s a big thing during Eid.

To be honest, I’m not sure whether it is a Malay or Muslim culture, to ask for forgiveness on Eid-ul Fitr. Regardless, I’m part of that culture.

I honestly have no idea why in the world do people wait for that one day to apologize for their sins and wrongdoing. Shouldn’t they do it as soon as they realize that they have done something wrong?

Yes, I don’t adopt that approach. I generally don’t apologize during Eid.

Especially when I can’t forgive the other persons for their sins/ wrongdoings to me.

I try not to be a hypocrite. I know I am quite a hypocrite, though I also accept that it is human nature sometimes. Nonetheless, I try to not be one consciously.

Thus, I don’t go around asking for forgiveness to the person I can’t bring myself to forgive. Rather too much for me to expect the person I can’t forgive to forgive me, don’t you think? Very selfish indeed.

However, if I don’t ask for forgiveness from you, it doesn’t mean that I have something you have done that I can’t forgive.

I also believe that people should be left to forgive a person that has wronged him/ her when (s)he is ready, not when the wrongdoer feels like apologizing.

Might be a weird thing to say but, I generally ask for forgiveness from people that I have never consciously wronged, only.

I am so weird and messed up.

Oh well.

Still, that’s me.

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