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Duit Raya

Those green packets.

I think it is more of a Malaysian culture rather than Muslim. Malaysian Muslims adopting the Chinese custom of giving money to younger people (usually only the non-working ones) by those who are working. A little twist; so long as you are earning, you should give to the younger non-working people.

Oh, may I include the Singaporean Muslims in this “phenomenon” as well. I think they do practice giving duit raya as well, I think…

On facebook, I went on and on about my wishing that I celebrate Eid in the UK instead of Malaysia. Among the reasons why they envy me celebrating Eid at home is that I would get duit raya.


Tell you what, I hardly ever get it.

My kampung (literally village; more like my mother’s hometown) is a real village. Cis, makes that sound as if others have fake villages. What I mean is that it is a true Malay reserve land type of kampung. With wooden houses and people living simple lives.

My mother was one of the first to actually leave the place to study and rise up, in income at least.

And everyone knows this.

And they know who I am.

Having known that my mother definitely earn more than them… Well, they didn’t really see the point of giving me duit raya.

And my mother… well… lets just say she gives me money in other forms.

Like birthdays, I’m not used to the feeling of getting duit raya.

So when my aunt and a cousin called me to come to them when we were going back, I didn’t know how to react.

I looked at them and awkwardly said “thank you?”

Yes, thank you, question mark. Not “thank you, exclaimation mark” with the gleeful tone.

Oh, it is not my first cousin to work. It is my first Eid back home since he started working though.

My other cousins come from another aunt. And… well… lets just say they think that I don’t need anymore support since I have a successful mother already.

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