I love books.

I really do.

I was looking at a bookshop in front of my house (sadly, not MPH), and saw that on the cover of Stephenie Meyer’s book, Twilight that the book is soon to be a movie, I pondered in front of it whether I should get it ASAP.

At first, I didn’t know that that book was the same book that Tasha was gushing over in her note on facebook. I mean it in a good way, Tasha.

Anyway, I recognize the book from the cover.

One thing I love about is that they recommend books from the books that you have purchased or told them you own. I love going through them.

And they have recommended the Twilight series to me for quite some time. And reading the synopsis, I am intrigued. And considering that I don’t really enjoy reading romances anymore, I’m quite surprised that I want to read this book.

I have horrid memory, so I couldn’t remember the title or the author, but I remembered the cover. So, I was quite surprised when I discovered that the book I wanted to buy and the book Tasha was talking about was the same to be honest. Hahaha.

So I’m thinking, should I get it now, or later?

I overspent the budget for books last month, so I’m a bit tight for money this month. On top of that, I am not working and I don’t want to touch my mother’s money.

However, I hate books which are originally novels but have the movie tie-in cover. The only exception, the only one that I actually like with the movie tie-in cover is the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Others, I try my best to get the original book cover.

I regret greatly that I got Wicked by Gregory Maguire with the musical poster’s cover. Sigh…

It’s the same with all books. I told Beda I might order PS I Love You by Cecelia Ahern from and send it to her address, and could she post it to me in Malaysia because, the only ones that I can find in Malaysia has Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler on the cover.

Oh, I do find Butler good looking. However, like I said, there are exceptions to it.

After all, in the movie, only Butler’s character was Irish; Swank’s wasn’t and in the book, both of them are Irish.

Reason why I don’t like movie tie-in covers is because most of the time, the movie’s plot differs from the book’s. So, I feel like somehow it is unoriginal.

My fault though, in a way, for not getting PS I Love You earlier. Like I’ve mentioned before in this entry, I refuse to read Ahern’s books while Bertie Ahern was the Irish Prime Minister. Now that he’s not…

I’m silly.

But, really, I didn’t read Marina Mahathir’s anything while Dr Mahathir was Malaysia’s Prime Minister. Nonetheless… I don’t read anything she writes even now. I don’t like feminists, remember?

Rather rich, considering I had at least one feminist tutor a semester. Male, female, closeted, pleasant (really never thought they existed), blurr; all sorts of them. Oh, didn’t get the extreme one though. Thank God!! Still, even if I do like their tutorials/ seminars… I don’t like them in feminist mode. Which is rare, thank God. Haha. Did have a big argument with one of them though. About, you guessed it!! Feminism; how it is a Western ideology.

Anyway, will try get MPH to get an edition of the book without Butler and Swank on the cover.

Still… should I get the Twilight series now? That’s the question.


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