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I don’t care if the UK would never be my home.

I never felt more at home in the UK in my 3 years there than I ever felt in Malaysia anyway.

So from now on, every time I feel that I miss the UK badly, I’m going to say I’m feeling homesick.

No more denying it, baby!!

So I was looking at Kenny Sia’s blog. There was this entry where he was going to Paris from London…

OMG he put pictures of St Pancras.

St Pancras!!!!

St Pancras International is the train station I board my train from London to go back to East Midlands.

I so so very the miss that experience.

Taking the Piccadilly Line from Heathrow to Kings Cross St Pancras, where it would be so crowded during rush hour due to having 6 (!!!!) lines going through the tube station. Would be horrible as my luggage would be ridiculously heavy.

I still remember the first time I got off the train at St Pancras when I went there in my first year. It was a consctruction site and was ridiculously confusing to find my cousin, who was picking me up. Couldn’t see how it looked like at that time, it was dark since it was autumn anyway and I took an evening train.

When I was going back on Monday morning (I skipped Contract lecture!! Haha. I can still remember!!) I saw the station.

There was no mistaking it; it was the Kings Cross that we know from the second Harry Potter movie.

When I showed my friends the pictures of my time in England in my first year and showed a picture of St Pancras, they insisted that it is Kings Cross. Too bad that I don’t have the picture now since it’s in my kaput older laptop which refuses to start and I would need to reformat anyway. And even if I had the picture, I can’t post it up due to my current laptop being an ass. Gosh, I so want a Macbook!!!

Read up and saw the reason why; the original Kings Cross is too plain.

Which is true, to be honest.

St Pancras looks much better, with its gothic designs and all.

It finally completed in my third year. I was wondering if I would ever see it done before I leave or will I always have the memory of a construction site as my London train station. Oh yeah I can be possessive. When I went down to London in my third year, which was the first actual time I was staying in London for several days, I called Piccadilly Line mine. Hahaha.

I remember exactly how I felt when I first entered the train station; awed. OMG seriously, I was gorgeous. It looked different and super polished.


And looking at the pictures in of St Pancras…

OMG I sooooo miss being in the UK.

No, scratch that.

I miss being in England!!!!

(No, not including Scotland or Wales in here. I don’t miss Wales and… well… the Edinburgh Waverly station was just too big)

St Pancras is just perfect, you know. It’s big, yes.

However, it only had 4 platforms for EastMidlands trains.

And I don’t like big train stations.

So I like.


The most perfect train station for me; St Pancras.


I hate Paddington.

Just to let you know!!


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