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I just finished reading the book, Stardust by Neil Gaiman, that has been made into a film.

(Just to let you know, I had also shut down my PC, but switched on again once I finished the book. Haha)

I loved the film.

I also love the book.

In different ways, of course, since the book and the movie evolved quite differently.

After all, the main character’s name was slightly changed (from Tristran to Tristan). There is no Captain Shakespeare who’s gay, or maybe just a transvestite (played by Robert de Niro) in the book… There’s a lot of difference, I have to say.

Of course, being the book lover I am, I have to say I prefer the book better.

Oh, the movie is more romantasized and has more battles in it, I suppose. More gruesome, shall I say? Maybe not that strong. Oh well.

It’ll be interesting to note that the last time the Star sees the old witch, which was named in the movie as Lamia, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, in the book, Yvainne (the star) actually walks up to her and kissed her. Oh, the old hag couldn’t have taken her heart anyway since it was no longer hers to give; it was Tristran’s.

Ohh!! And Tristan’s mother’s chain? In the book, it is said that she would no longer be bound to Ditchwater Sal on the week where the moon loses her daughter and two Mondays come together.

You just have to read to find out how it happens!!

It’s really lame, to be honest.

However, if you know me, I laugh hardest at lame jokes.

I’m still smiling as to how her slavery ended.

Oh, and Sienna Miller’s character? Victoria Forrester?

Such a slut in the book.

Well, in a way, a slut.


Love the book.

I’m not giving anything away, right?

Because you just have to read the book!!


Beda, please?

Hmm… I’m thinking of a new category in which I would put all my book reviews in it. Just thinking of what song would suit for books. Hmmm…


But it is written… These words?


Ever ever after?

Since most fairy tales do try end with a happily ever after anyway 😀

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