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… is tiring. Really really tiring. Especially when you have to chew such small grains like rice.

Which is why I prefer eating potatoes. More to chew.

Nonetheless, since I have nothing to lose, I thought, why not? Since several people have said my laziness in chewing (and eating) might be the reason why I have such indigestion. See, skipping meals is no good. And I’m paying for it. The losing weight over it is not worth it, trust me.

However, how could one talk sense to anorexics, eh? The anorexia nervosa kind; in their minds that they’re fat.

Oh well.

Nonetheless, I tried chewing more. And yes, I do find it tiring. It is the reason why I hardly chew in the first place; why I can eat so fast and why I eat so much. And probably why they say my stomach secrete a lot of acid; to quicken the enzyme work ladida dingaling dong. Me no longer science students.

Chewing more, I find, makes you eat less. You get full faster. Seriously.

I have read somewhere that one should eat slow, as we tend to overeat. When our stomach is full, it actually takes time for the message to reach the brain. Our body doesn’t have instant messaging stuff; the old snail mail through the neurons would have to do, I guess.

Try chewing more; you really have nothing to lose!! Just, maybe time. You could read while you eat, I guess. Multi-tasking, eh?

Not easy to chew a lot when you see a friend though; hard to talk. Not to mention rude.


I’m loving His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. Still on the first book, Northern Lights (or The Golden Compass, as it is known in America), but I can see why it was voted as the Favorite Clip Carnegie Medal Winner (whatever that is. Haha).

Haven’t watched the movie though. Hahaha. Can’t remember why I didn’t. Likely because I was in England and it’s expensive to watch movies there. Haha 😛


I love Lynn Hilary’s voice. She’s the new addition to Celtic Woman. However, her album is somewhat only available in Ireland.


Will try ask Fatin to get for me, and pay her in Euros, since I have no idea when I’ll go back to any Eurozone country anyway.

Irish Euro coins are so boring, with the silly harp. Shouldn’t have given up my Italian one. For the life of me, I can’t remember what. However, I’m dead sure that it is more interesting than those silly harps.


Maybe I wouldn’t complain if it was a shamrock.

I don’t know… I find the harp a bit… overused?

I mean, Aer Lingus uses the shamrock; Ryanair is the one that uses the harp. However, the former is the flag carrier.

Hmmm? Yeah I’m talking rubbish that doesn’t matter, I know. Still, better this rubbish than the rubbish I was telling Faliq about.

(On that note, I think Malaysian coins should have the wau engraved on it, like MAS airplanes’ tail. Oh, wait, we do!! 50 sen coins!! 😛 I’m lame, I know. Blek)

Beda says I listen to mati(dead) music.

Thank God you’ve moved on from your obsession of the Irish accent.

Yes, from now on, need to specify which part of them that you actually like, since you say the songs emit a shrill sound.

You just can’t appreciate the beauty of Celtic music.


See, me like Scottish more than just an accent. Too bad it shares a culture with a bunch of people with accents me no likey.

Addicted to this song that Ms Hilary sings when she was with Anuna.

Hantu going to come to see you, Beda.


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