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My acquaintances from school, while I was still in touch with them, asked me why in the world am I doing keeping my textbooks with me. This happened about the time I was leaving for the UK; 3 years ago. Goodness, it felt like yesterday!!

I answered, for fun. Who knows, maybe I would flip through it again.

And I did. This afternoon, looking at it, and felt, wow. I did science 5 years back.

Here I am, switched to social sciences (okay I know law is not exactly social sciences. However, if you see the kind of modules I do, you would agree I do social sciences), looking down at the science subjects.

No offence, but I find the 16 year old me was so uncreative when it comes to answering questions.

Nonetheless, she was more imaginative in other fields, unlike me now.

I didn’t keep my core textbooks though. Okay fine, I admit, I didn’t get the core textbooks apart from history. I kept my science textbooks because I thought that my cousins would never do sciences; they’re not smart enough. See, the Malaysian bias; science students would always be smarter than the arts. So very the wrong, I’m telling ya. Up to you to decide it though. None of my younger cousins did take science though. I was right.

I brought back my texts from England. Not that I had many anyway; most optional modules I did depended on journal articles rather than one proper textbooks. Not even when the tutor has his/her own book. Seriously. I had at least 2 of those (minus the compulsory modules). Oh, though ECHR we did have a textbook and we did used his.

I was surprised I decided to bring back my Company Law textbook. I don’t know why I did, what with me feeling set that I would not go into corporate law. Nonetheless, I was thinking, if I was going to bring back the statute book, I might as well bring back the textbook as well. Who knows, I might flip through it like I did for my sciences.

Though admittedly, since my science textbooks are in Malay… I get confused sometimes. Still, might help me with my Malay, eh?

I didn’t bring back my notes though. I threw all of them away, but for my CCL n HRPUK notes since I was to do Human Rights/ Civil Liberties. Oh yeah, still set with that. Though I am thinking of entering accountancy to make enough money to fund my LLM. Whadya think?

My mother kept all her notes; from primary school to PhD to her current academic life. The ones missing weren’t thrown away by her; someone else did that when she was away for one degree or another. However, ironically, she doesn’t have her PhD thesis with her. Only found it two years back, and it wasn’t even the original copy. Not sure how it was, to be honest. When I was getting rid of all my A-levels notes (that time when I didn’t buy but photocopied books, copyright be damned), she asked was I sure I wouldn’t need any of them??

I was thinking, law, I don’t think so since I had a tort and contract book anyway, and I wouldn’t really need an English Legal System book (which was badly taught in my University. In my opinion anyway) since I doubt I would ever be dealing with the legal system again, unless I decide to move to England, and especially since I don’t plan to do my LLM in England.

As for Economics… I would have more than enough textbooks from her collection, so why bother, eh?

Business studies… I was really not keen with the subject; did it only because my mother refused to allow me to do Sociology. And I still have the textbook, albeit a photocopied one.

So, I got rid of all of my A-levels books and notes but not my school ones.

Who knows, I might sell it to the recycling people. After all, the school textbooks are heavily subsidized by the government anyway.

However, for now, I’ll keep it. With my Law texts.

Which will be with my storybooks as well.

I’m on another crusade; one that campaigns to change the furniture in my room.

Did I mention I hate my bed?

I do.

However, the first thing I want to get rid of is the book rack; I want a clean cut one. Got my eyes on one of IKEA’s.

IKEA would have to do while I’m only a small earner; beginning of my career, ladida.

Oh, did I mention I am saving money to change the furniture on my own?

Just to dump the current furniture somewhere else.

Dum dee dum.

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