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Cake (refer previous post, which I can’t remember the title)

October 16, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

It was easier to hit “Write New Post” rather than finding the previous post I wrote, since I am now in the kitchen instead of upstairs, where the internet connection is weaker. Belatedly I continued reading the comments on Smitten Kitchen and saw, crap, the author said that it’s not the best chocolate cake alone.

To be honest, I should have realized when the recipe only called for three quarter cups of cocoa only. Plus, with the frosting that intense… well, the cake should be light, right?

So I decided that I’m going to frost it. Not with that same frosting, mind you. I don’t have all the ingredients. Hehe. However, my next favorite website for baking, JoyofBaking.com, did provide a chocolate frosting which sounds yummy. And I have all the ingredients. Haha. Oh, I’m ignoring all my mom’s written recipe and trusting the internet. Haha. How unlike my mother. She doesn’t trust recipes on the internet. I, however, trust these 2 websites a whole lot more than my mother’s written ones because, one, she admits she hasn’t tried every single of her written recipes, and two, every recipe that I’ve tried using those two websites turned out great. Except one chocolate cake from Smitten Kitchen that turned out tasting like eggs. Probably because of the different egg size, who knows, eh?

So, I’m going to frost it with the chocolate frosting recipe that I’ve linked above. And I’m going to write on the cake; wishing Fatin and Shan a happy belated birthday and sending a picture to each of them in Ireland and England respectively. Too bad that they’re so far from me. If not I’ll be posting a piece of the cake for them, however crazy that is.

Oh yes, these 2 are worth baking the cake and frosting it for. Even though I’ve known Fatin for less than a year… I don’t know. Maybe sharing the same first name has made me biassed.

And Shan. What can I say? She listens to all my grumblings and kept me sane in my first year and lent me eggs after I just arrived back from Malaysia. Also, I am embarrassed to admit that I forgot her birthday, the 29th of September. Yikes!! Been taking it for granted of her birthday, since I was always around her the pass 3 years. Sigh.

Oh yes, eggs were very important when I was in England. Hahaha.

Oh, the written frosting, I will be using this recipe. From JoyofBaking.com. I’ve never written using frosting ever in my life, and on top of that, my mother always says that my writing is illegible, well… Too bad!! It’s the thought that counts!! Haha.

Also, of course I would be using butter for my frosting!!! After complaining about Wondermilk not using butter for their frosting, I can’t be doing the same thing now, right? Would make me a hypocrite!! Nothing I hate more!! Anyway, the recipes that I chose did call for use of butter, right?

And my mother would not forgive me if I used margerine or Buttercup anyway!! Haha.

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