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Best friends?

October 21, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

On a random note; I can’t believe Sarah Palin really appeared on SNL. Hahaha. Gotta love the clip with Tina Fey immitating her and then Alex Baldwin whispering to her that the real Palin was there. They wore the same outfit and had their hair done the same way. Hahaha. They really look alike; though Palin’s jaw’s more square than Fey’s. Respect for her rises up a notch, though she’s a Republican; me no like Republican’s ideas. Nonetheless, as if I would ever be able to vote for her anyway. Hahaha.

By the way, yesterday I made chocolate cupcakes!! Haha. This recipe. It’s so soft and light but at the same time is able to satisfy my chocolate craving. Oh, didn’t make the frosting though; used the leftover frosting. Just as nice. 😀 Okay, I admit, it was more of a cake craving than chocolate. I’m rather bitter about it, to be honest. Hmph.

Anyway, my mother went to an open house, which was somewhat like a reunion for her and her schoolmates. There was a lady who came up to her and told her that her daughter and I were best friends when I was in college.

Err… okay… I was quite surprised. I know that the only possible person who could be considered my best friend when I was in college was an Indian girl. My mother went to a boarding school; only for Malays. Impossible that it was her. Plus, I’ve met this girl’s mother, and I think it is very unlikely she would be able to go to a Malay boarding school.

So she told her daughter’s name to my mother.

That girl was my best friend?

Please, I tried contacting her, messaging her on MSN and what nots, she never responded.

And now her mother is saying that we were best friends?

She wasn’t even in my class!!!


Absolutely confused. :S

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