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Biological clock

October 22, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

So, anyone whose seen me online sure have realized that my biological clock has the timezone of British/Irish summer time. No surprise, since most of my friends have that timezone.

However, unlike them, my surrounding time is not British/Irish summer time (to be honest, I can’t remember when daylight saving time change back to normal time anymore) but Malaysian standard time; GMT +8, not GMT+1. Sigh.

So, with the help of the many sleeping pills that I’ve no idea what I’m going to do with, I’m going to correct my timezone. Oh I know I was given it to help me sleep, period. However, I also know that if I were to be talking to my psych, she would tell me to get to the correct time zone and move on with my life.

And I suppose I should. Unless I physically move to the BST (by then would be GMT already, I would think) or any other timezone will I change it.

So Amni, Faliq, I think I’ll keep in touch with you guys via email, or the occassional MSN, if I see you online. Or Facebook. Would do you guys good, I would think, since both of you are in your final year.

Faliq, I expect you to get first class, or at the very least a high 2.1, where you can go “Hah!! Who said I was chasing an impossible dream” to your useless-to-you personal tutor (or maybe you can write to the Irish President and get him fired from his UN post, if he hasn’t retired, like his personal tutees in my batch always imagine to do, just to spite him. Heee).

Amni, ho hum, don’t procrastinate so much on your Economics/fashion thesis. Kutuk je Primark tuhh!! Hahaha.

Oh Beda, I better reply your email. Hahaha. And remember to copy it before I hit send. Hish, so annoying man. Can’t believe it.

So here’s to sleeping pills!!

On a connected topic of sleeping pills… Isn’t it weird that an effect of the sleeping pills is that you get high, when the main job is to put you to sleep, and anti-depressant, which is in a way is to help you to be “happier”, have the side effect of putting you to sleep. Total opposite of what they should do? Weird eh? What were the pharmacists thinking?

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  1. falique
    October 24, 2008 at 10:37 pm

    … If you’re not going to be coming on MSN in the evenings GMT, then you’d better well talk to me on MSN whenever we both are online. It’s bad enough you’re not here. Don’t want our conversations to trickle down to just an occasional email here and there…

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