2 hours

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Was all it took for me to get to 1Utama and back. I was there for only about an hour. I surprised even myself.

I have no idea why but every time the cab driver asks me where should (s)he drop me, I would say old wing, even when I know that the only place I am heading to is in the new wing.

Went to MPH and got myself five books.

Oh yeah, five books.

Would have been six if I still bought Obama’s Dreams from my Father. However, I decided against it.

Barely keep to my budget. Was surprised that I was only short of 5 sens to bust the book budget after giving up Obama’s book.

Why 5 books?

The original plan is to get Obama’s and Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. Oh, I was too lazy to sit down and watch a movie, even if it’s a musical. So I decided to just buy books. I have to say that the binding of Twilight makes it nice to flip. Heee. Of all things to consider. However, I am still reading The Amber Spyglass from Pullman’s His Dark Materials.

I got myself a dream dictionary, which is dirt cheap, and being a MRC member, I got it 30% off. Just got it for fun, and to answer some of my weird dreams. Though I can hardly separate dreams from reality nowadays, it’s scary.

I am quite grumpy over the fact that the movie tie-in of Cecelia Ahern’s PS I Love You is about RM4 cheaper than the normal covered one. One freaking Euro more; ok less than one Euro. Whatever.

And not only that, it is amongst books which MPH is selling 3 for 2. The movie tie-in, I mean.

However, the normal one is not included.


So I begrudgingly picked up the movie tie-in one, with the sequel to The Curious Incident of the Night Time Dog by Mark Haddon and A History of God by Karen Armstrong, which all qualify for the 3for2 offer.

Being used to the British tills where they automatically minus the offers with the lowest priced item, regardless the sequence which the cashier rings the item, I was surprised that the cashier had to do it manually. And the best bit is this; the cashier ringed Ahern’s, then Haddon’s, and then only Armstrong. The price goes higher following the sequence. And she minused the price of Armstrong’s book. *squells!!* So, I paid less RM49.90 instead of less RM31.90!! Wow. Hahaha. I am so happy!! I got a cheaper price than the price I was willing to pay!! Hahahahahahah. I am absolutely delighted!!

Which is how I got to keep within my book budget. Oh, and the fact I gave up Obama’s book. Maybe I shouldn’t have given it up. Hmmm…

I went into several shoe shops; being the typical shoe addict I am. However, surprise surprise!! I didn’t get any. I don’t know why but I just didn’t feel like it.

Have I lost the joy of getting a new  pair of shoes?

Or is it because I have so many sensible pumps already?

Or I can’t think of a reason why I need new shoes?

After all, I’m not working; I pretty much stay at home all the time. I try to refuse following my mother to open houses to avoid seeing people who asked me when will I be working, and just avoid people generally. Unlike last time where I wear heels all the time to college.


Now I miss my A-levels times. Though it sucked as well. Still, I got to wear my heels all the time. Hehehe.

Oh, I was surprised to see Lisa Kelly’s album in one of the music shops there. Though I know they carry quite a wide range of music. So I have till about December before deciding if I want Lynn Hilary’s album so as to ask Fatin if she could please please go to D2 to get it. Which is not far anyway. Hee

Now, I sooo need 2 bookracks. The first one would definitely be full by now. Ladida.

Car is arriving either tonight or tomorrow. Weee!!!

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