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One thing I definitely know, with all my heart of hearts, regardless how I don’t fast and not pray, not wearing the hijab blablabla, I do know that my faith in Islam would never go, regardless how much I question it.

Because when I question it, I have a slight doubt, just a slight one. Okay fine, I’ll be honest here; I’m skeptical about all religions, mine no exception. See, I try my best not to favor or discriminate. Heee.

What’s the difference is that, all in all, I’m a believer in Islam; my heart is open to the religion.

So regardless how absurd I think the rule is, or how I agree with a non-believer’s opinion of it, I would still be able to find sense in the religion.

Because I see the questions as a believer, and not a doubter.

I am the latter when it comes to Catholicism, which is why I doubt so much to the point I call myself a Catholicist. I can’t and won’t be able to accept the religion. No way.

A friend said that blind faith is the best faith. My religious (but I find it rather hypocritical since he swears more often than I do) uncle would be able to cite which verse of the Quran where in Arabic means to God wanting us to have blind faith.

However, I believe God gave us the ability to choose for a reason. Adam and Eve made the decision to eat the Fruit of Knowledge. It is not a sin; yes, God “banished (to use the word loosely) from the Garden of Eden, but who are we to say that it wasn’t in His plan anyway? He is out creator for goodness sake!!

He gave us the ability to choose; and choose you should, I think. Nonetheless, I’m no learned person in the area of religion, so don’t trust me so much, I think.

Nonetheless, this doubt, has made me try to find reasons why. And like I’ve mentioned, I’ve found satisfying answers that satisfy even my skeptical self.

Have I mentioned, I would absolutely refuse to marry a Catholic? The least I could take is a very doubting one; however, if you doubt your religion so much, why didn’t you leave the religion?

I find it easier to accept an Atheist than a Catholic.

Oh, I have friends who are Catholics, of course. Just, we don’t talk about our religion.

Friends are different when it is compared to people you’re going to marry. When you marry, you’re going to spend the rest of your life (supposedly anyway) with the person, raise your kids (if you have) and what nots. Rather confusing, especially for the kids, if their parents have different religions, no?

Probably the reason why I’m thinking this is because I’m reading Pullman’s His Dark Materials.

Oh yeah, I can see he pushes your understanding about religion, especially when you don’t know things about well.

However, not Islam. Maybe the understanding of Islam in Western Society; but not what I understand of it.

I can’t say much about Judaism since I’ve absolutely no idea about the religion. Nonetheless, the Christianity part of it, oh yeah. Catholics, especially, with their Pope being able to decide on things.

How silly is it in allowing a supposedly celibate unmarried man to decide on contraceptives? Seriously? And no divorce, so those who “practice” their religion commit adultery most of the time when in the situation they should just divorce and marry the new partner. Absolutely silly.

Oh, key to His Dark Materials is bringing down the Authority; the first angel who lied to everyone that he is the Creator; God. There’s a bunch of people who wants to bring him down, the Church being their arrogant self wanting to protect it. Ladida…

Gotta read it. I’ve no idea how to explain it. There’s wikipedia after all.

I know my mother would hate me reading it.

Me? I like the book!! It is something, really. Such imagination.

Religion vs Rousseauist? Why not a combination it? I am living it, if I say so myself.

Need to read CS Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia.

Oh, well, erm, I should say; for me, bring it on, freedom of expression, even if it supposedly “criticize” religion (Pullman doesn’t do it as obvious as others; people put 2 and 2 together and got 5; his atheist self and the “killing” of the Authority). Let as many creativity flows; it is, after all, fiction. And it is between the author and God Himself. They can’t be pushed to the light anymore anyway, what can you do and what benefit is there to threat to kill him (which would constitute you killing another of God’s creation and ruined the good name of the Religion).

Also, regardless of what they say, hey, we know better than that!! If those people who are ignorant would like to believe a work of fiction, it is really their problem. With information so easily accessed, it is their loss, really. And pulling an argument from above; God gave us the ability to make judgments and choose for ourselves; read, open up your mind, try finding out if the work of fiction is true, and make your own judgment in that.

Really, believing and making such a big fuss about works of fictions is absolutely silly. There’s plenty of work of non-fiction that you should criticize instead!! And those… if people believe it, well… After all, they’re supposedly well researched, no?

Oh yes, I’m a pro-choice person, generally; not just abortion.

So goddamn it, America, don’t you vote for McCain-Palin!! That woman is nuts!! And they’re going to turn America to some medieval place where you no longer have the right to choose which was guaranteed by Roe v Wade!!!! Who knows, even no contraceptives even. Scary…

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