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A matter of principle

October 25, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

So, for the first time, my mother decided to be the one to do something as a matter of principle, even if we would loose economically.

That’s usually me. Oh, I do lots of such things, which annoys her to no end.

So it was quite a surprise when she yelled my name and called me down, and showed the bean sprout we got at Tesco just moments before that.

It was grossly overpriced.

Later, I found out, we were overcharged by RM2.40.

A lot, for bean sprouts anyway.

She insisted that we drove all the way there and get a refund.

I was reluctant as I was tired. We went around IKEA the whole day, only to discover that the stuff I wanted to get wouldn’t fit either cars we had; I had to call a cousin of mine for help.

Oh yes, we got the new car; a Toyota Vios.

And I’m hating the smell of the car. I never liked the smell of new cars anyway.

So it’ll be quite some time till I enter that car, if I can help it. Or if I do, I’ll make sure the windows are down.

So, my room is still bookrack-less, with my books everywhere.

Am reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer now. Slowly giving it a chance… I’m only on the 3rd chapter… Though I have to say, it is a great book to flip through. Haha. Of all things. And despite the thickness of it, it’s bearable to hold while you’re lying on your bed.

It might be even lighter than The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman; the last book I read. Which I strongly recommend for you to read. Of course, read Northern Light/ The Golden Compass first. And don’t even think of judging the book by the movie; I didn’t watch it, but from the trailer I could see a lot of things were changed. And from wiki, the change wasn’t for the better.

Still, I’m skeptical as to whether I would like the book. Hmmm.

We’ll see, we’ll see…

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