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October 25, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ve been getting vivid dreams since I got back from England. Maybe not since then; I exaggerate. About… I’m not really sure, actually. However, it’s been happening quite often.

And I realize that I don’t know what is true and what is isn’t; seems like the two worlds are merging somewhat in my mind.

The main reason why is that so is because most of the time, I dream about people that do exist in my life. And the events are somewhat similar or that it is very possible that it has happened. However, our location makes it rather impossible for it to have happened.

And some of the events… the time frame… Yet it is also so possible.

And some of it, it’s as if that the dreams are trying to rewrite history; a retelling of what has happened.

No, not a retelling. More like, erasing an old memory and putting a new one.

And I keep dreaming of people in my past. Which is sooo annoying. Urgh!! Can’t they just remain there; in my past??? I find my past embarrassing and annoying.

God!! Those time when I actually had crushes. Man, that was a long time ago; the last time I had a crush was when I was 13, form 2 (my birthday being in December). Since then, poof, no more baby!!

Who would have thought; the time people hit puberty–when guys hit puberty–is when I became disinterested in them.

And that 13 year old me, is so not me.

Oh, whoever the school-going period was definitely not me. And I want to forget about my past. Why can’t I? Urgh…

Why are my dreams doing this to me?

It’s disquieting that I can’t be sure what is real and what was in my dream.

I think for the time being, I better not see anyone.

PS: My iTunes likes U2 and Christmas songs. Don’t know why it keep playing their songs. Hardly any other songs. Weird.

PPS: Food poisoning (damn KFC) and then whole night of burping and a day of fever. Blah.

PPPS: No eating cabbage ever again. Bleurgh.

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