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Twilight book binding

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Oh yeah, about the binding.

Of all things I’m going to talk about on this post.

I like the binding!!!! Haha. Regardless how I hold it, no creases appear at the spine of the book!!

Maybe it’s because of the size. However, my textbooks which are about the same thickness as it, which uses bigger paper too gets the spine creased. And that’s even when I hold them carefully!!

I wasn’t the type of student who tried to make his/her book looks like it falls apart to show his/her fellow students or parents or tutors how much (s)he has studied; shown by the amount of damage that the book has gone through.

Anyway; Twilight. Yes. The binding. No marks on the spine.

However, it is the first book that I’ve torn the cover. Oh, not the sides where you can flip.

No, it is the front cover, the side of the cover; top left.

No idea how it happened. Must be during one of the times when I was holding it with one hand; which is all the time anyway. Hahaha.

Oh, the fear of it being thick was silly. The book is amazingly light for its thickness. If only Chalmers was that light; I might have read it more often. Haha.

The book feels lighter than The Amber Spyglass!! However, it is thicker and bigger in size. I know right!! It’s crazy.

Oh, how did I know? I brought Twilight with me to a wedding…

Yeah I know, really ridiculous. However, it was a wedding hosted by my mother’s former colleagues. I wanted to be ignored as best as possible.

Nonetheless, yeah, they should produce more books like Twilight; the binding, I mean. No creases!! OMG!!

I haven’t finished reading it yet though. I don’t feel as captivated as I was with His Dark Materials, so it’s easy for me to find something else to do, or read another book in between. It’s rare that I read one book continuously without reading another in between. Haven’t had the enthusiasm as I had for His Dark Materials for a long long time. Not even when I was reading Round Ireland with a fridge. Actually, I had a lot of pauses with Round Ireland. It took me about 3 months to finish the book. Haha. I know, quite ridiculous. However, if I actually did read it continuously, I think I would have died of a heart attack; my heart wouldn’t have been able to take the amount of laughter that book caused me if it was done in a short period of time. πŸ˜‰

I do find Twilight is easy to read though. Quite fast to move through the pages. Even though it is on the large size for a book, don’t be deceived. The margins are quite big and the space between lines seems bigger than other books, though I doubt it is 1.5 spaced. I still think it is single spaced; but with a font that has a big single spaced, if that make sense?

Oh, I don’t know what to say about His Dark Materials, to be honest. I mean, to give a synopsis of it. It’s like Lord of the Rings, really. A lot of characters. Just, don’t watch the movie to judge the book. The book is good. I likey it. Hard to believe that Pullman got a 3rd class in English. Oh well…

Really have to read Chronicles of Narnia soon. Just that, the book is so unaccessible under so many other books. I still haven’t gotten a bookrack. Sigh. The package was too long and I would need the help of my cousin. If he can’t, I would have to fork out the RM65 for the delivery, I suppose. The annoying thing is that it cost the same for the whole Klang Valley, and my house is just ridiculously near to IKEA. Sigh. Annoying!!

Anyway, Edward Cullen annoys me quite a bit. Such a Byronic hero. Blah.

However, at the same time, he reminds me eerily of myself. Minus the gracefulness; I have Bella Swan’s clumsiness, except when I wear heels. As ridiculous as it might sound, I’m more clumsy when I wear flats; sneakers, ballet flats, flip flops. Anything that’s flat would trigger my clumsiness. I know, I’m nuts. When I wear heels I’m more balanced.

Oh, which bits of him that I found so like me? Huh… Go read the book. I would list the several that I definitely am not; I don’t drive ridiculously fast (I don’t drive at all, if it’s possible), I don’t have good vision, and I can’t run or play sports. A lot more are not me anyway, but yes, it is eerie. Though I’m so not a Byronic hero. Hahaha.

Seriously, check the wiki article on Byronic hero, and you would see that Edward Cullen hits almost every typical characteristic of one; maybe except the social or sexual dominance part. Or maybe he does qualify for that as well; you decide. Yeah, I think he does; dominate over Bella Swan, definitely. He leaves her flustered often. Haha. And that, I don’t have, I’m pretty sure.

I can see why girls go crazy over Edward Cullen though. The book is written through Bella Swan’s point of view. She later falls in love with Cullen and through out describes his perfection and somewhat rebutts his rebuttal of his perfection (though he sometimes basks in it). I do find books which writes through the point of view of the protagonist, the readers tend to fall in love with the protagonist’s love interest. After all, it is written as if you’re telling the story, you’re Bella Swan. I fell into the trap as well. Not gonna announce the book though. πŸ˜›

I have a feeling that the Twilight Saga would be like Harry Potter to me; I have no problem with it, I don’t hate it (okay maybe it is too harsh; dislike would be the word more suitable for it), I somewhat enjoy reading it. So since I already have the first book, I would buy the rest of the Saga. Once the price of all the books go to RM39.90. Haha. Less, if possible. πŸ˜› I have no problem waiting if the book wouldn’t change the cover, and especially if there’s a possibility of the book price going down. Hopefully USD would depreciate against MYR soon… Like… drop super badly like AUD. Australian Dollars, for the ignorant. Yes, I am a bit nuts over monitoring exchange rates.

Ahh… Truly a book collector, aren’t I? Haha. I don’t really fancy Harry Potter that much, to be honest. However, like I mentioned, since I bought one book, I’m going to get all. And I’m getting all paperback with the same cover style. I got a hardcover copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for half price. However, I have big regrets since the book didn’t look nice on my bookrack; it was the odd one out. I also hate hardcovers, by the way. I prefer paperback even with the risk of creases in the spine. Hardcovers are heavier than paperbacks; thats pretty much the only reason why I hate hardcovers. Haha. Okay, and the fact that it is more expensive. Though I have been known to buy the paperback version even when the hardcover is less priced. Hehe.

Oh, if anyone–that I know personally anyway–that wants a hardcover version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I would gladly give you for free. I want to give it away actually. Just haven’t got around to it. Oh, it’s the adult cover, with the black background. Not the kiddy2 one. I want the kiddy2 one in paperback. Haha. If you want to trade, get me the paperback one, kiddy2 cover. πŸ˜‰

I thought I would keep this for a full review of the book. However, I think it is unlikely. I am not crazily bonkers over the book after all. I write reviews for books I’m crazily bonkers over, apart from His Dark Materials, which is too complicated and my lousy writing might make people think twice before reading it. Sometimes I feel that my vocab is not wide enough. However, it is very rare that I even find one word in the novels I read that I don’t understand or have not came across. Oh, the reading of the dictionary has stopped indefinitely. Hahaha. Horrible, I know.

Anyway, here’s the bit; don’t you think it is ridiculously annoying that Stephenie Meyer keeps reminding us of Edward Cullen’s “perfection”? Those who have read it anyway. I find it absolutely annoying. Yes, I get it, she finds him perfect. Move on already. We don’t need to be told so many times. Does she has so little confidence in our memory? I mean, it is a thick book; the readers need to have quite a good understanding and grasp of the English language and good memory. However, there’s not that many characters, considering the thickness of the book.

Now that I think about it… There’s quite a bit of padding through that in the book. No wonder it’s so thick and so easily read.

To me anyway.

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