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I know Fatin doesn’t read my blog; the IP addresses that I get that’re from Ireland are from towns which I don’t know anyone there.

Nonetheless, little did she know that I am counting down the days she’s leaving Dublin/ arrives in Malaysia (I didn’t ask and I realize that it should be separated, and emphasized the difference, just in case “someone” stumbles along this entry and see the difference between the two); 23rd Dec.

Reason why?

Coz I am too stingy to pay the 3 euros more for the CD and the delivery when someone from Ireland is coming back in December to get Lynn Hilary’s album to be parcelled all the way to Malaysia. 😛

Though I’m still thinking whether I should get the album.

However, I am certain in December I would ask her to get it.

Nonetheless, for now… I’ll just… do what I do best; procrastinate.


Glad that you’re coming home, regardless of the fact you might not see this post!!

(Waahhhhhh. Yesterday daylight saving ended!! :P)

Oh yes, I couldn’t sleep. I’m disturbed. I wonder if I would be able to sleep soon… I’m soooo sleepy, but I’m a chicken.

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