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I know Fatin doesn’t read my blog; the IP addresses that I get that’re from Ireland are from towns which I don’t know anyone there.

Nonetheless, little did she know that I am counting down the days she’s leaving Dublin/ arrives in Malaysia (I didn’t ask and I realize that it should be separated, and emphasized the difference, just in case “someone” stumbles along this entry and see the difference between the two); 23rd Dec.

Reason why?

Coz I am too stingy to pay the 3 euros more for the CD and the delivery when someone from Ireland is coming back in December to get Lynn Hilary’s album to be parcelled all the way to Malaysia. šŸ˜›

Though I’m still thinking whether I should get the album.

However, I am certain in December I would ask her to get it.

Nonetheless, for now… I’ll just… do what I do best; procrastinate.


Glad that you’re coming home, regardless of the fact you might not see this post!!

(Waahhhhhh. Yesterday daylight saving ended!! :P)

Oh yes, I couldn’t sleep. I’m disturbed. I wonder if I would be able to sleep soon… I’m soooo sleepy, but I’m a chicken.

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