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Twilight movie poster

October 27, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was wondering why I found the poster rather familiar.

Oh, I do find Kristin Stewart in that poster looking a little bit like Blair Waldrof/ Leighton Meester. The current picture of the wiki article of Leighton Meester suck, by the way. Maybe I’m just biassed since I hate tanned skin tone; the paler the better is the case for me. I absolutely abhor the sun, which never ceases to amaze my mat saleh friends

Sometimes I wonder how sunny Nashville is.

I really should move to Scotland; rainy, not much sun Scotland. Heee 😉

Oh, it is this poster. Couldn’t find another one but the wiki one. Oh well. Doesn’t the character Edward Cullen look rather disturbing there? And why do they make Robert Pattison have such gray makeup anyway? (Faliiiqqqq!!!! Hahaha. Gray makeup. Heeee. But this one much better and nicer gray :P) When there’s pictures of him with the rest of “the Cullens” looking much less, gray? Actually, he looks like he have a human skintone there…

Okay… The cast of Twilight, quite a few of them remind me of characters from Gossip Girl. Err…

Anyway, yes; I, too, hate the fact that wordpress doesn’t allow me to load pictures. Some error would appear. Bleurgh.

Well, here anyway. Maybe I’ll try going to Starbucks and see how.

However, I’m too lazy now.

I also curse the fact that I don’t have a scanner here. Man, I miss my life in England. Yes!! I prefer the pathetic drizzles we get in East Midlands!! Waaahhhhhh!!! More reason to wear a cap 😉 And my super bright turquoise coat. Nyeh nyeh. I miss my coat. Sigh. Just sitting in my wardrobe. Sigh…

Anyway, yeah, why I complain the fact that I don’t have a scanner is because I finally figure out why it’s so familiar…

The pose and expression is somewhat like a cover of one of my comic books.


Different faces, of course.

PS: I did wake up once saying out “Blair”, of all things. You know who you are, the person I mean this PS for 😉

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