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When we got our new car, my mother decided that we should only put RM20 worth of petrol since the petrol prices would go down. I’m not sure if they have adjusted the prices yet though.

I know I should read the newspapers, but I’m stuck in the fiction world, I don’t want to leave it!!!!!

Anyway, yeah, RM20 worth. Maybe we had about RM8 worth still in the tank, I’m not sure.

She insisted that she will drive to work using that car at least twice; she works abaout 45 minutes drive away from our house.

4 45 minute trips, with going around the area because she just wanted to get used to the feeling of driving the car.


I laughed at her when she said she will be driving the Vios again today. I told her she’s crazy; she’ll be out of petrol on the way back. Just wait and see.

She said she doesn’t think so. After all, I don’t drive. And the car is much lighter than the Merc we have.

Fine. Up to you, I thought. If she got stranded, she couldn’t call me anyway since I don’t drive. And would unlikely be driving the Merc unless I have to.

And you know what? She started panicking at about 15 minutes more to reach home. Because the petrol indicator showed that it was using the reserve.


See, I was right.


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