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Cousin’s wedding

October 30, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I couldn’t resist it anymore; the one question that have been in my mind since I discovered that my newly weded cousins live separately still.

Both of them were sharing houses with friends of their respective genders.

Also, my cousin will be relocated to Terengganu in November. So it didn’t make sense to find a house, only having to move out of it after only 3 months.

So they stay separately, even though they have been married for 3 months.

To be honest, I think that the only semblance of privacy they had together since they were married was when they sent me home after our side of the family’s reception ceremony and when my cousin was in the hospital, where his new wife took leave to take care of him.

It just boggled me. Why didn’t they wait once they were stable? After all, my cousin knew of the relocation quite some time already. They could have waited. Why made it so close to the fasting month?

I mean, isn’t having sex a little bit troublesome during that time? Needing to perform a full ablution before dawn so that your fast would be accepted? Who in the right mind would actually bother waking up to have shower in the cold water just to have one night of sex?

I find it rather too troublesome to believe anyone would actually bother doing it.

Anyway, it is not just food you’re supposed to abstain during the day in the fasting month. I would think sex would be included.

I’ve pondered on my own and I gave up. And since today my cousin came to help me get my racks from IKEA, I decided, why the hell not?

So I asked him, why did he decide to have the wedding when he did?

The answer was because of me.

Okay fine, he wanted as many family members as possible to attend it. However, since I was the only one who was overseas for a long period of time when I do leave the country, it made sense to try have it when I was in the country.

They didn’t know I was going to reject the offer anyway. Heck, even I didn’t know till I was going back to Malaysia.

The irony was that my mother was not in the country for the reception on our side. Hahahaha.

So, yes, I’m touched.

He’s really not like my former cousin (I decided I didn’t want anything to do with her. And since we weren’t tied by blood anyway [both her mother and my mother were adopted], I really didn’t think it mattered) who, my aunt told me, wanted to have the ceremony while I was away. Total opposite, huh? She didn’t want my mother or I to be present. Looking at how extravagant they went, I wasn’t surprised why they didn’t want us there. And I didn’t think I lost anything by not attending anyway. I generally hate weddings.

If I were to marry, I would elope.


No fuss, no embarrassment, and very economical.

And like Amni, I rather splurge on the honeymoon.

Hahaha. 😛

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