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Bangi and Kajang people are nuts!!

October 31, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments


OMG I’ve no idea what’s wrong with them!!

And to think that I thought after 21 years of living and following my mother to her office (okay fine, I haven’t followed her everyday, but, you know… I should get used to it somewhat, right?), it still surprised me how crazy those people drive!!

Nonetheless, there wasn’t even a scratch on our new Vios, alright? No teasing!! I can drive a bloody manual car okay!! Smoothly at that without the engine suddenly loosing power. I bet I could outdrive most of you who’ve gotten used to driving auto any time!!

But really, urgh!! I really think the government should discriminate according to where they come from when it comes to exams; for those from Bangi and Kajang, it should be harder for them to pass their exams.

And make a lot of turnings to be taken by them during exams. Sure way to fail them.

Because they hardly look left or right before they cross the road or whatever. Seriously!!

Anyway, back to my driving.

I have absolutely no idea what to do with my left hand now that I don’t have to change the gear. Doesn’t help that my steering wheel control have always been bad. I know it is a bit weird, but I feel more confident with turning the wheel with one hand and the other at the gear most of the time. It’s been since forever (okay fine; 3 years) since I drove with a driving instructor next to me, thus needing to put both hands on the wheel. I know it’s not really a good habit. And it’s a wonder of power steering!! You don’t have to use both hands!! I was fascinated! And it became a bad habit. Haha.

My left side feels neglected when I drove the auto. Seriously; think about it. We don’t have to use the clutch, and we don’t need to change gears, and don’t even bother lying; you would hardly use the handbreak now. All the work is done by your right side. Only your poor right brain is not being used.

Sigh. Sucks to live near KL; my mother insists that the jam would drive me insane if I drove a shift stick. Oh yes, she knows how impatient I am. Maybe she’s right. And I might not think when I am driven crazy with road range; forgetting I’m a female or just grabbing the umbrella and hitting the other driver.

Oh, gotta go now!! Lunch!!

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