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Speed limit

October 31, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I will finally learn how to drive an automatic tomorrow.

I know, I’m that dumb. I find manual easier; it is comforting that regardless of how much you press the accelerator, if you don’t change the gear, the engine would just make a lot of noise. Heee.

Yeah, that’s my biggest fear with driving an auto; I’m afraid if I’ll step on the accelerator too much.

My mother thinks it is worth paying someone to teach me; a proper driving instructor. So I’m following her to her office, to be taught by her former secretary’s husband.

So that got us talking about speed limits.

You see, my mother learnt how to drive in the US; just automatics though. She only learnt how to drive a manual car when she came back to Malaysia for good; we don’t recognize American driving license. I think we still don’t, since it is not commonwealth anyway.

She was telling me, those days the speed limit on a freeway (highway/ motorway) was 55miles per hour (mph; yeah, they use miles. How backwards. Couldn’t they use metrics? Seriously!!). Decided to calculate it; I used the Google calculater and got the figures:

55 miles per hour = 88.51392 kilometers per hour

Seriously!! We could drive 90km per hour (kmph) on normal roads in Malaysia!!!

So I decided to wiki it, and discovered that the speed limits on the mainland (i.e. excluding Hawai’i) are between 50-75; with some places in Texas having up to 80.

Lets assume the maximum speed limit in the whole of US is 80mph, which is 128.74752 kmph; about 130 kmph.

My mother was driving 72mph on that 55mph stretch of road. My mother who never goes above the speed limit in Malaysia.

So it got me recalling, in Twilight, where Edward Cullen drove at 100mph, and then going higher… I don’t remember it hitting 150mph though. However, I’m too lazy to check; the book is already arranged on my bookshelf, no longer next to my bed on the nightstand.

Maybe it’s because of the use of mph instead of kmph that I thought, well, maybe it is fast. And the way Meyer wrote it; as if it was just a blur outside, with everything flying past you.

100mph is equivalent to about 160kmph.

I had a psycho friend who I tell people wants to kill me, drives on the NKVE from the Subang toll to Damansara toll at that speed. Those toll plaza are the next from each other, might I add. A short distance. Didn’t stop him.

And he’s human who wears glasses. And sings along to Muse while he’s driving.

The same psycho also drives 200kmph on the new East Coast highway to Kuantan.

Seriously, I’m not impressed with the Twilight Saga anymore.

It deteriorates day by day.

I’m getting worried; I still want to own the books.

Oh well, when I arrived in London, I realize what a big lie JK Rowling did with the train platforms and all… And I still want to own the books.

Maybe because the memory are just too fresh.

But, yeah. I have a crazy friend. He now has a girlfriend.

I feel like telling her, “you know, you boyfriend tried to kill me by inducing a heart attack everyday when we were in college.” And embarrassed the hell out of me when I was in University.

Goddamn him.

On another note, I must must remember to bring sunblock tomorrow. Argghhh!! I am hating the ridiculously hot season on the West Coast. I absolutely abhor the sun. I absolutely don’t get why my skin is sensitive to it. Oh, thank God I don’t get burnt though; it skips that part and goes straight to peeling, which is just as bad. Urgh…

I should really make a proper plan of entrapping a Scottish man into marriage.

Anywhere which is constantly cloudy and rainy would do, I would think. Heee.

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