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Twilight trailer

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Okay, I sound a bit obsessive now. Might have to admit myself to some Edwardholic anonymous; except I might be the only one criticizing the book rather than gushing over how much I love it.

Maybe my current psychiatrist is enough.

Nonetheless, whatever you want to believe in my story is really up to you.

I was surfing around youtube, searching for Sarah Palin parodies done by Tina Fey. Seriously, it’s unbelievable when you actually the actual thing; it’s ridiculous that Tina Fey’s job is so easy! Almost everything is verbatim. Oh, maybe the accent, like she said in a David Letterman interview.

Surfing around, searching for even more parodies and spoofs… I came across one of Twilight’s Trailer Spoof.

After seeing sooo many Sarah Palin spoofs, I thought maybe I should start with seeing the trailer first, then the spoof.

And that’s the recommended order; the videos included below.

OMG the spoof is just so ridiculously FUNNY!!! Some little bits might not appear in the trailer, but it is there in the book. Thus, it might help if you read the book as well.

I find the part of the spoof that was so ridiculously funny was when James asked the Cullens that they “brought a snack”.

OMG hahaha.

Oh and the van scene!!!!


The original trailer portrays the story on a bit of the dark side though; Edward Cullen somewhat not having any sense of humor. In the book, Edward seem to make almost everything light to cope with the situation. Rather disappointed, but I suppose the suspense might make people wanna watch the movie? I suppose I’ll just have to watch the movie to find out. After reading the book, I do want to watch the movie. However, I felt that way when I finished the book; after reading the prom scene. I want to watch how the dresses turned out really. Sounded… as if it’ll be impossible for the dress to stay on one’s body. Hopefully whoever that will be in charge of wardrobe would try to follow Meyer’s description of the dresses.

Oh, on a somewhat related tone… I was watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (because it was the only one movie on the computer that I have yet to watch anyway). Maybe it was the lighting, or maybe it isn’t. I don’t know. However, I find Robert Pattison, who played Cedric Diggory in HP4 and will be playing (heck, played actually) Edward Cullen, is more suitable for the latter role than the former. While watching HP4, I found myself rather disappointed. Fine, Pattison could be considered good looking, but his looks are on the dark side; hence why I said he is more suitable to play Cullen. I do remember thinking that Cedric Diggory would look… lighter, perhaps? I don’t know. And he looked a bit stiff during HP4. Oh well.

Huh, it seems that Twilight and Harry Potter might have more similarities that I thought…

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