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Hair color

November 3, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I finally dyed my hair!!


Streaks; not the whole head. I no longer want to color my whole head.

I like my natural hair color very much, thank you.

However, my hair is too–straight, shall we say?–that I find the best way to give it volume is to color it.

Found that out when I was 14; form3 and in morning session, where the discipline teacher was a psycho who asked me to darken my hair due to it not looking black under sunlight.

Seriously, she’s psycho.

No way could an Asian have such hair color, according to her.

It’s not even light brown or something.

Still, after I dyed my hair, I discovered that my hair looked better; it had volume.

Once I left school I colored my hair other colors. Had scarlet red once. Streaks, of course.

I dyed my whole head once; with streaks as well. However, I don’t know… I don’t like it.

I prefer just streaks.

I wanted a purple-based hue. Just for the heck of it.

The tester was of course, purple based when it was put in between my hair.

However, owing to my dark hair, it turned out more copperish.

I feel like I’m related to Calhoun Blaire from Wicca.

Get hazel-eyed with gold flecks, the transformation might be complete.

Might being the keyword here.

I, however, abhor colored contact lenses. I frankly think that they make people look scary. And old before their time, especially when gray color is used. You know how old people have that color due to aging? Yeah; it reminds me of that. Still, if you like it, well, I’ll just keep my mouth shut. After all, this is my opinion; shouldn’t affect you if you like it after all. I do have several friends that wear colored contacts; I just keep my mouth shut. And I know one of them do read my blog; don’t get offended. It’s just an opinion.

Oh, it is supposed to be Ruby Red. Mahogany with purple based was the description.

Oh well.

So I suppose, if I got a job with this hair, I wouldn’t have to change my hair color to a more conservative style.

Thank goodness I want to go into a non-conservative line.


Oh, and bless the color, I look more rosy!! Not the pale yellow I usually am. Nowadays I feel like I’m exceptionally pale.


If I was in England on Halloween, I would have gone trick or treating as a vampire. Just, floss my teeth and the blood would start coming. Albeit I only have one sharp fang; I fell down as a child and manage to break my right canine.

Trust me, my dentists were surprised as well.

“How clumsy were you?”

Though, the current one knows how clumsy I could be. Hehe.

Though… what the heck would I wear for costume though?

A hah!! My trench coat. Change the stupid gold buttons, of course. And bring up the collar.

Man, like public school boys. Urgh.

Of course it would be cooler if I could get a cloak.


To think that I am asking for a less than the best dentist from now on. Man, I must be insane somewhat.

Somewhat being the keyword here.

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