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Obama’s Presidency acceptance speech

November 5, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

For those who would like to actually read Barack Obama’s acceptance speech instead of listening to it (those few includes myself, of course, even without youtube taking forever to load; I’m a reader, after all), it is available at http://newsbazaar.blogspot.com/2008/11/acceptance-speech-obama-president-of.html. Makes me wonder if the author listened to the speech again and again to type it out. Nonetheless, my heartfelt thanks to the author.

Yeay for Obama!! 😀

Screw Malaysian politics man. Hahaha.

Yes we can!!

Oh, John McCain’s concession speech is available here.

Erm, this is said with a great reluctance; however, it needs to be admitted.

I found McCain’s speech more inspirational.

Can’t blame me alright!! Or call me crazy!!

However, he touched on something that is dear to me; look at our similarities instead of our differences.

He urged Americans, Republican and Democrats alike, to concentrate on their similarities–American citizenship–rather than their different political ideology.

And that… Well… Something I believe in, albeit about another country altogether, of course.

And why so cynical? Why think that it is impossible that McCain was sincere in his speech?

Both he and Obama ran for office because of their love for the country; if they didn’t have it, they wouldn’t bother running for the President post. It’s just that the decided to show their love for their country differently.

Just because you have different ideology from someone, doesn’t mean that person cannot be sincere to you.

I hate Republicans; I’ve always thought they’re a bunch of idiots. Their simplified economics thinking manage to lure the uneducated to think they could be rich and be lazy at the same time.

Nonetheless, regardless how bitter the pill is, I have to swallow it. McCain concession speech did inspire me.

And how childish of the Republicans to boo when Obama’s name was mentioned. Tsk tsk.

  1. November 6, 2008 at 8:34 pm

    Was just passing by and saw that you had posted my link…thanks buddy…thanks alot…..praise to ya…by the way…by how did you fall on my site…and got to know that i have it….RANDOM or what???

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