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Surprise surprise!!

November 7, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I thought I knew him.

However, I only knew him for less than one semester anyway. The next semester he practically ignored me, calling me a traitor.

Oh well, you can’t really know such person, right?

Nonetheless, I thought one thing I would always know about him was his political stand.

I was really really surprised when he was cursing the fact that Obama won the presidential election yesterday.

“McCain should have won! The United States of America is a white man’s land!!”

My eyes would have came out of their socket if they could.

He’s a liberal. Or supposedly anyway.

He supports women’s rights, and LGBT rights, being a gay man himself.

Seems that he is liberal when it comes to sexuality but not race, I see.

When I pointed out I’m not white and why did he tolerate being friends with me initially, he said “because you’re on the fair side and you’re ridiculously funny.”

I suspected he meant those as compliments, I suppose.

I have always wanted to be on “the fair side”, and with my skin sensitivity to the sun and being born yellow (not fair; yellow. I’m part chinese after all) makes it on the simple side for me. However, I have never felt more insulted having that said to me.


Maybe it is not race per se that he is against, but more of skin color.

Man, to think that he calls himself a liberal.

He was a supporter of Hilary Clinton before Obama was chosen to be the Democratic representative, which I also pointed out as well. However, I pointed that out the same time as my not being white.

I suppose I know the answer now.

And I have to say, I am extremely shocked.

Thank God very likely our paths would never meet again.

To those who know me in real life, please don’t mention this again. I feel like I have to let it out. I might not ever be ready to discuss this again. Don’t even ask me who is it. I just feel so bloody hurt.

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