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I’m worried sick.

You would think of me crazy, especially since I’m worried sick of my cousin, who is about 10 years older than I am and has 2 kids.

Oh yeah, I’m on the nuts side.

However, it is his first trip overseas.

He’s off to Paris.

God, I’m just worried sick!!

I don’t know why…

I suppose… since I know how scary it was when I first went to England; first trip on my own and I was only 18. And even though I consider myself fluent in English… I was still sick scared. Even though I got to know so many people from college here.

It was just so scary, being in a new country.

And this… my cousin doesn’t speak fluent English, even more so French!! I worry about his pronunciation, knowing how Malay pronunciations are.


I need to stop driving myself crazy.

However, I can’t help it.

Maybe I should avoid stairs so as to not fall down. Pretty much my “signature move” when I’m panic.

Oh, and no driving. Yes yes. Well, not that my mother would let me drive any time soon what with yesterday’s fiasco.


Now that I have figured out what to do with my left hand… Well… I’m back to my; bad habits, I suppose?

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