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Mary Sues

November 11, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I know I’m taking the coward way out.

Especially since I’m begging you not to talk about this with me; just think about it.

I’m scared of your character might be turning into a Mary Sue.

I’ve always hated Mary Sues.

I’ve only just remembered the term; coming across it in one of my wiki hoppings tonight.

And even though it’s just one post, your editing it has shown that the character would end up being so perfect and without flaws and having his perfect happy ending. And when I say something about my character that might be better than yours, you would want that personality as well. All the discussions…

His only flaw seems to be because of the fault of another.

I am starting to hate him somehow, and I worry if people would hate him too.

And I don’t know if she could continue liking him as well.

Probably maybe it’ll be better to quit; I don’t know.

I’m having problems with my thinking of plagiarism, even though with fiction, I suppose there’s not much likelihood of it. I don’t know; maybe it’s just too recent that I read the series.

Maybe it is because of the series that my teeth are suddenly bothering me? Pushing aside what the x-rays are showing, of course.

PS: I do realize that I have been complaining a lot about this. I have absolutely no idea how to justify this.

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