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I knew when I was furiously typing my entry on pro-life and pro-choice that I would pay for expressing my opinion; after all, I don’t believe in the American’s principle of absolute freedom of speech.

There is an extremely long comment on it; I’ve approved it. Nonetheless, I didn’t bother reading it.

My freedom to not bother about other people’s expression.

Nonetheless, taking a bit of the spirit of American’s absolute freedom of expression principle, specifically the marketplace of ideas, I approved the comment.

So that people who would want to know about the things you say could read them.

And be able to pick and choose what they think is best. Let the “market forces” let the best opinion win.

I am, after all, a pro-choice person. And not just in case of abortion.

The reason I still moderate my comments is because of the number of spam I still get. There are spammers smart enough to not pepper the comments with many URLs but have a “nice work” or “keep up the wonderful writing” and having the spamming URL as their website. I usually delete these kind of comments. Heck, even supposedly “genuine” ones without spamming websites that have could not extend the particular post or that I don’t respond to.

Though I have to say; it is so typical of non-Muslims to see that the Palestinians asked what they’re experiencing themselves. “They asked for it!!”

And (I would emphasize that this was not said by the commenter but a former coursemate) the Israelis have the word of God that the geographical area of Israel is for the Israelites.

Told by God to Moses.

Believing in the last religion brought down by the same God Judaism, Christianity and Islam supposedly believe in, I believe the latest word of God is the truest.

I mean, seriously, are we going to have double standards for God? That we humans can change our minds, but, oh… God can’t?

God underestimated human’s stupidity; I would always think of it that way. Oh yeah, it is quite blasphemous, I admit it.  However, I see it as a degradation of humans, not God Himself. That we’re so horrid that even our own Creator was caught off guard.

I have a feeling He is thinking of me that way as well.

When I was growing up, learning about the creation of Adam, there was an emphasis on the difference between man, animals and angels. Angels have no ability to choose; animals do as and what they like regardless what God says and humans are blessed with brains for them to choose.

Maybe my teacher was a pro-choice bitch like I am. Whatever; that teaching has stick with me.

I would never be able to accept blind faith as the truest faith of all. Even with my uncle citing particular verses of the Quran.

Because one sentence could always be misconstrued if we don’t know the context of things.

I have never finished reading the Quran in its original glory in Arabic. And I very much doubt I would be able to understand it in its original, beautiful language.

However, I’ve read several versions of interpretation of it. Taking them with a pinch of salt, since Arabic is a complex language that no language would be able to compete; there’s a lot of words in Arabic that the English language would fail to explain.

Of course I read the English interpretation. My Malay is horrid now; apart from my own special dialect.

Anyway; so, the importance of context. Reading the whole Quran as a whole, I can’t accept the blind faith concept.

It would be an insult to our special ability that God has given us.

And this is my interpretation. Never will I say that my interpretation is what all Muslims have. Far from it. My interpretation is likely one that not many Muslims have.

I specialized in human rights and civil liberties, not Islamic studies. And was trained to practice economics in real life.

I absolutely have no idea why my HRPUK seminar mates had problems with accepting economic principles; I see consistency in both.

Which brings me to this point; people would always see inconsistencies based on their believes.

There’s this quote that my tutor was trying to bang into our heads in one of our seminars; on adjudication. Judges’ adjudication was what the article was talking about. It was my paper for the module. However, like everything he taught me, I saw it beyond the faded borders sketched for the module. We humans read things just like the judges do. After all, judge or not, we’re all human.

“A realistic understanding of the judicial function leads to the appreciation that adjudication is a subtle combination of freedom (ie judges can cobble together the broad range of available doctrinal materials into the artefacts of their choosing) and constraint (ie judges are historical creatures whose imagination and craft are bounded by their communal affiliations, interpretive prowess, and personal commitments).”

Allan C Hutchinson, ‘Judges and Politics: An Essay from Canada’, (2004) 24 Legal  Studies 275, p 287.

On a somewhat related note; the Twilight saga now disgusts me. I know I’m judging it according to what was written in wiki, but no abortion even if it kills you? Yeah, sanctity of life for the fetus. Self sacrificing is just like suicide to me. So yeah, even though I do believe in Jesus (though not like Christians do); what he did on the cross? Yeah well, it was suicide. Giving in…

Yes, I see it as giving in.

See the inconsistencies you want; I don’t bloody care.

Oh, and on the Twilight saga… Isn’t turning into a vampire, in a way, being dead?

Funny; anti-abortion propaganda but consistently throughout the series, Bella Swans want to “commit suicide” to be with her perfectly superficial Edward Cullen the vampire.

Oh boy; I think I’m doing it. Yes, I think I am.

You know how much I don’t believe in sanctity of life?

I see myself as a believer; nonetheless I have suicidal thoughts.

Oh my, I’m telling people just how sick I am.

Of course, people like my mother (a Muslim) and quite a number of my Christian friends (Catholic or not) see it as despicable.

Maybe it is. Maybe I don’t have enough faith; my obsession on freedom of choice.

Maybe because I accept that I am human and that sometimes things can’t be helped.

You decide; I won’t force you to choose what you should think. Just give you possible explanation for my views.

Oh, wait, on Twilight still. Being the sick person I am, I’m still going to watch the movie, you know. Yeah, even going to watch it on the first day. Yeah, funding the start of a anti-abortion propaganda, I suppose.

I’m doing it just to annoy the hell out of someone. And since my life is so pointless right now…

Why not, eh?

  1. AP
    November 12, 2008 at 12:14 am

    its funny how some people comment and speak freely about things they cant even begin to understand… 🙂

    PS: totally OFF topic here, but the twilight soundtrack is pretty good…hahaha… 😀

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