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I’m reading Cecelia Ahern’s PS I Love You. OMG I love that woman!!

Yeah yeah I know I refused to read her book before.

Nonetheless, Bertie Ahern is no longer the Taoiseach. Huh, and I copied and pasted that word. Hahaha.



It’s bloody November and I feel underdressed all the time here.

I mean, the two summers was not so bad, I guess… since I never actually worn layers upon layers of clothes during that period.

And now… Wearing just a T-shirt out when it is November!!!

I feel somewhat naked, indecent and cold, even though the sun would be glaring at me, saying in a booming voice, “you’re crazy!!!”

Two nights ago–okay more like morning–I was wearing my turquoise coat. Yeah, I made sure the room was ridiculously cold and I danced around in my coat. However, inside I only wore an oversized T-shirt. Hahaha.

Which reminds me; my grandma would be so proud of me, being awake during both twilights. Just that she would be mad knowing when I actually do sleep. She used to wake me up before dawn, just to see the light changes. And now… now… I no longer consider dusks and dawns twilights anymore; no more colorful lights and complex lighting ladida.

I soooo wanna go to Terengganu and catch twilight at the beach. Owh; dawn. I don’t know why but I usually think of dawn when I see the word “twilight”. Was a bit confused some moments when I was reading Meyer’s Twilight. I mean, you would call something whatever it is when it starts, not when it ends, right?

Ah well.

And anyway, who the heck would try and catch sundown at the East coast???

Fine fine… So yeah. I feel underdressed. I need to wear layers!! It’s silly to wear just a short sleaved T-shirt when you go out.

However, it is also too hot to wear a coat.

So now my favorite piece of clothing is the vest.


Or I wear layered spagetti strap and halters. Though gets hot though. And my skin start to itch. Sucks.

I should get more vests. Sigh. Life suck. I miss the UK.

I miss wearing coats, damn it!!

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