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Shrink clothes

November 19, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I don’t know… Maybe I lost weight. However, I haven’t been exercising and I’ve been eating ridiculously rich muffins. Nonetheless, my jeans and pants are more loose.

So I’ve been googling on how to shrink clothing without the use of a dryer, since I don’t have one here.

A lot of them are saying that hot water would shrink clothes.

Thank goodness there’s a huge pot that my mother uses to make pasta sauces.

Hopefully that they’ll shrink.

I don’t know why I thought it would be a smart idea to buy jeans in the UK, especially since I almost always put on weight when I’m there.

The sinful desserts!! OMG. Hahaha.

I miss rhubarb strudels!!

And I miss chocolate Wheetabix. Sigh. Anyone willing to post them to me? Hehehe.

OMG I’m going to the hospital tomorrow!!

I’m excited!! Hehe. I know, crazy, right, to be excited over going to the hospital?

Especially for someone who’s scared shit of blood in vials. I don’t know; it’s just bloody disturbing to see blood in vials. To me anyway.

Nonetheless, since I’m going to see an ENT specialist who will be spraying my nose till it hurts (but that’ll be the best half an hour of my life; when I have my nose absolutely clear) instead of drawing blood… Wee!!!

I bloody hate that stupid MO who almost ruptured my bloody veins with her incapacity of drawing blood properly. Give me a nurse anytime!!

Is it weird that I have had an operation before but I don’t know what my blood type is? Yeah; psycho alright.

I was too chicken to check my blood during biology; I skipped that class.


I remember stating that I have AB type blood. Hahaha.

I remember last year my GP required the nurse to get seven vials of my blood.


I refused to look at her quite some time after that. Seven vials at one time. Crazy!!

It’s like being forced to donate blood!!

I, of course, fell down the stairs after that. Typical of me. And was almost late for my dental appointment next door.

Ahhh… I miss campus life…

And I would never donate blood. Blek.

It’s worse, I think… To see blood in bags.

Which reminds me, I just hope that my ENT wouldn’t be suggesting surgery to me. I bloody hate IVs. Especially when nobody changes those liquid things on time and it bloody sucks my blood out to the tubes.

That’s disturbing too.

To think that I am writing about a vampiric character who is addicted to blood when I’m this scared of it.

I never go see animals slaughtered. I’ll feel faint.

As if they need more problems. So I stay at home.

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