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It must have been quite an entertainment for them.

My ENT’s team, that is. With my babbling about how I don’t want surgery about the time, I suspect, he was about to suggest it.

“No surgery unless it’s emergency!! And no taking of my blood and putting it in some vial. If that has to be done–with no other choice in the matter whatsoever–I refuse to submit myself to an MO. I insist that only a nurse go poking around me. They do a much better job. However, I still wouldn’t give my consent if it is not an emergency situation; which I’m sure this would never be.”

His MOs frowned at me; the nurses beamed.

His students had shocked faces of varying degrees.

He just looked at me with a very amused face.

“No blood?” he asked again.

“Yes! None of my blood will be involved. I would consent to a blood transfusion, however. I’m not a Jehovah Witness. Still, with my not losing blood, surely I wouldn’t need a blood transfusion, right?”

He went on with his “lessons”; as to why he didn’t consider my headaches to be in his realm of specialization and what not. Of course, those are directed to his students. I still butted in once in a while.

Seems that my nose bled and he could tell. “See?” pointing at the screen with my enlarged nose there. “Your nose looks exceptionally swollen today… and the capillary…” and gave me a look which showed wonder whether I understood what in the world he was saying.

“I got an A1 for bio alright. Almost failed my chemistry though,” I couldn’t resist adding.

Ahh… It’s always amusing to see my ENT. Both of us humoring each other.

“So how’s London?” he asked. “Dusty as ever” was my reply; “I prefer Dublin, I think.”

Hahaha. Just felt like saying it. He did his 1st degree there, you see. What a lie though; considering I slept almost all the time I was there. Hehe.

I bloody forgot to ask for pholcodine. Goddamn it.

And to get a pain killer… Goodness. It’s not easy!! I seem to be allergic to everything!! Had to pay for the meds. Man, I miss NHS, somewhat. And the list of my meds amused him. Maaannnn…

Nonetheless, with all the crap about no surgery and not many pain killers could be taken… He’s the only specialist that has a relatively straight forward job compared to the others; for my situation anyway.

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