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New Moon, World Economy and Medical Advice

November 26, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

As I was sitting in the LRT (Light Rail Transit; something like the Subway or the Tube, but above the ground. Not trams though. Hmmm; like the Singaporean MRT), reading Life of Pi, a Malaysian chav boy sat next to me. Not a rempit though; more like a hiphop wannabe. Like chavs, but hotter climate edition. For the life of me I can’t remember how was his appearance anymore.

He was reading a book.

Alright, no big deal. I was reading one, too.

Then I decided I wanted to know what book he was reading.

He was reading Twilight.

Somehow it didn’t fit the picture. I mean, anyone who has read the book would agree it is pretty much a girly book, with Bella Swan telling you how it goes and so on and so forth. I would imagine guys would role their eyes till they would permanently stay at the back of their heads every time they read how Edward makes Bella faint and what nots.

And this “manly” boy was reading a girly book?

Doesn’t help that he is Malay.

Probably he was trying to improve his English?

But to read Twilight???

Apart from the fact that there are characters who are vampires, the book truly is actually a love story. If Edward wasn’t a vampire and just a “normal” teenage boy (who practices celibacy), it would just be your typical teen love story.

Oh well.

Went to KLCC; that’s why I was on the LRT. Dropped by Kinokuniya and to discover that they only have one copy of Seeker left, and I grabbed it. Ahh… so relieved that I have the whole set of Sweep series by Cate Tiernan. Hunter… Heheheh 😛

And I discovered that they, too, were out of New Moon. Oh, I was at 1Utama to watch Madagascar 2 (which was sooooo cute!!! Hahaha) and went to MPH, wanting to buy the rest of the Twilight Saga.

What are they up to now?

Are they planning to increase the price, what with USD is appreciating like mad? So they keep the books? And what with the confirmation that New Moon would turn into a movie…

And with the world economy going nuts and people not trusting Euros yet so they revert back to USD, and with Obama going to be the President, people would trust the US economy more…

Yeah, I must be the only crazy nutcase who reads about the world economic situation and what not to decide on when to buy a book.

Yes, that is actually the reason why I want to buy the book now. Not so much as to know how bad the morality of the book is, because that could wait; the book wouldn’t change its story anyway.

However, the USD is going up up up, and since the Twilight Saga books in Malaysia come from the US…

Okay, I admit I am crazy. Maybe it’s just coincidental.

However, I would absolutely flip if when I see New Moon on the shelves again, it costs more tham RM40. Yes I would. And I would scold myself and say “I told you so!!” over and over.

Arrggghhhh!! I knew when Obama won, I should have bought the rest of the series. Grrr…

And I will be waiting till GBP (British Pounds) go down to at least RM5 and wait till the price of Harry Potter reduce.


Yes, I live my life pretty much by observing economic rules. I am comfortable with them, even though I am usually going against the theories when it comes to something of a choice; I am not your “rational” consumer. For example, when someone increases advertising, I have the tendency to stop consuming the said good (ceteris paribus, of course; everything remaining equal, especially the price). Advertisements annoy me. So by reducing the consumption of the good, they have less money to spend on advertising.

A rationale that make sense, no?

Okay fine, it does to me anyway.

Exchange rate, on the other hand, is beyond my control. So I follow it and let my life be bothered by it.

I still keep track of the exchange rate between GBP and MYR just for fun.

I’m comfortable with economics; just not in a professional life. In my private life, fine.

I just don’t want to live under my mother’s shadow. And I know I’m not strong enough to do that, at least in Economics.

I mean, she has officially retired when I was to start my University course. It’ll be suicide!! Too many of them know me as her daughter; there wouldn’t be a chance for me to be judge according to my own.

I don’t blame them one bit; it is human nature to judge someone from another person they’re related to.

It nonetheless bothers me, and since there are ways to avoid it, I should use it.

And I found another calling that I am passionate of; human rights.

I don’t get why my friends that do human rights find it weird that I am comfortable, and even like, economics when I am interested in human rights. They find it bizzare. They think only conservatives should like economics. And as might be picked up from my blog, I am definitely not a conservative. I’m not a liberal either, but I am very sure of not being a Tory.

I find it consistent though. I’m a pro-choice supporter. In economics, consumer is king regardless of what Adam Smith say about the invisible hand. In a perfect market, there’s perfect information for consumers to make the right choice. And I would like to think that rational choices take into account their situation as well. And unlimited supply; up to the consumer to pick and choose which supplier they want ladida.

With pro-choice, you let the person in question decide on the given facts, no? Not like pro-life supporters who would like to shove their moralities down people’s throat and not wanting to explain why very much except by saying “murder is wrong because God said so”.

I’m sorry, but I believe that when God says so, He also explains why it is so.

Economics are a part of everyone’s life. Just read books such as Freakonomics, The Undercover Economist and such; you can see how economic theory could explain almost everything about life. I think no other subject could boast such a thing.

And it is no surprise that I am comfortable with it. I’ve been studying it even during my gestation period; my mother was doing her PhD at that time. And when I finally studied it formally, it was like breathing; it came naturally.

Nonetheless, I worked my ass off to get the bloody A for my A-levels paper. What I meant was understanding the theories. Some find the ceteris paribus and the “unrealistic” expectation to be able to only adjust one variable when in real life it is impossible that only one variable to be the only thing that doesn’t change. It needs a lot of imagination, I suppose. Unlike in science, where the manipulated variable could be the only thing changed. How do you control the thoughts of so many people, the subject in economics, anyway?

That’s why every economic theory has assumptions; because it is impossible to achieve that in real life, unlike in science.

Anyway, the world economy suck right now, as I’ve mentioned You should know that unless you live under a coconut shell. And yes, it does affect me, even if it is a bit different from how it affects others.

I’m a fresh graduate and I am unemployed. People are laying off their workers by the thousands and people are not letting go of what little money they have unless they have to (or so the rational person would do anyway).

I don’t have savings since I never worked in my life–or at least, earned anything anyway. My medical condition is crap, and you need money for medical treatments; medication, therapy, you name it. Even seeing a doctor costs money. My mother’s “employer” no longer pays for me as I have turned 21.

So I should work to earn money. And I should make sure I secure a job before things deteriorate further.

However, my psychiatrist (I saw her today after a 10 week gap) said I shouldn’t bother myself with a job just yet.

She knows my mother is still working; I myself told her, so it is not really about my connections. I don’t really think she knows much from the other psychiatrist (whom I know in real life) whom referred me to her.

Sucks really, that she knows so much. Still… I asked what she thought about it and she thinks it is best for me to not work just yet and continue how I am; reading more and more books.

I told her I’m trying to get back the creativity I believe I lost while doing my LL.B. She thought I am using my time well.

Sadly, my mother does not agree with her. She thinks it is a waste of time, especially to read fiction, which is what I tend to read. And she thinks it is the most ridiculous advice ever to tell a young adult not to read the newspaper, which was what my GP in England told me to do.

My psychiatrist, on the other hand, thought that it was a sound medical advice.

When you read the newspaper, do you realize that what is reported is usually the bad things? You don’t hear that the government has done well and what not.

Sometimes I think that the only time there’s good news is because it comes with a bad news.

Obama winning meant McCain losing; so it is worthy of being in the news.

Of course, this is a very simplistic view. Of course there are articles which are informative.

Still, the bigger chunk of the articles are sad news.

I don’t know whether I should follow her advice; she didn’t say it but what could she do if I didn’t follow it anyway? However, I also remember that the last time I refuse to follow medical advice, I ended up failing my Trust exams and it will remain with me for the rest of my life.

Oh well.

To look on the bright side… I had a fascinating “lecture” on Freudian terminologies! Id, superego and ego.

In my mind, when she was explaining “superego”, I saw a superhero with a massive ego that would end up destroying him. Hahaha.

PS: Just for the heck of it, the pattern on Alex the Lion’s palm is exactly the shape of Africa, Madagascar included. Hahaha. So cute!!

PPS: On another happy note, I am glad that I started my pain medication in England. My psychiatrist suspects which drug my surgeon thought would be best for me, and it includes taking my blood every other month to check on things. Bleurgh. So often!! My poor blood in weird conditions. And worst, in a vial.

Oh fine, I don’t get very disturbed when I see blood when I accidentally cut myself. I just find it disturbing when it is where it is not supposed to be, like on a slide and in a vial. Though sometimes I get disturbed when it is on a gauze or the plaster, but rarely on sanitary pads. Heck, that must be ridiculous to not get used to!! Though sometimes, in my mind, menses are not blood but… cells with blood in between. Like… bloody mucus. Ladida

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