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My mother’s students used to find thoroughly amusing that their tutor’s child seem to be the exception to most economic theory.

Let me explain that; it makes it sound that I am an economic being instead of a biological being.

It really is to how I would approach something. If all “rational consumers” act the way I do… The economic theory would fail. I am the exact opposite of a rational consumer.

The most frequent occurence is how I respond to advertisements; ceteris paribus, when the supplier increases advertisement, I reduce consumption instead of increasing it.


Because if I lower my consumption/ demand for it, they would have less revenue. Less revenue would mean they have less money to pay for advertisements.

That’s an example of how my twisted mind thinks. I’m too lazy to give others. Haha.

However, I realize that there is now an exception.

That is of the MacBook.

The more frequent I see the damned thing in a movie, the more I want it.

The last movie being in Twilight, where Bella uses this really slick black MacBook.

I waaaaaaaannnnnntttttt!!!

Doesn’t help that my screen is being an idiot right now. Hrmph.

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