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I am feeling extremely lazy today; what with the fiasco with the getting out of the parking lot.

My mother is having guests tomorrow. No surprises that they would be economists. Sigh. New bunch of people at that. I wish I knew fewer economists and more sociologists; what they specialize on is much nearer to my interest.

So I’m baking right now; I have to prepare the dessert. Tiramisu is the winning dessert.

Brought down my laptop to the kitchen because, as usual, I hate the sound of silence. And I felt like annoying the dogs next door. Am listening to the highest pitch songs I have. I hate dogs. Urgh.

The internet connection sucks at the kitchen though. So I am typing this on a Words document.

I felt like reading. And since I read all the rest of the ebooks I have on my laptop, I thought, fine, why not I read Midnight Sun then? The indefinitely postponed Edward Cullen’s point of view of the Twilight fiasco by Stephenie Meyer.

That was the plan anyway.

In the third paragraph, he went, “Or was purgatory the right word?” He was thinking of high school.

And that was the last sentence I read. I decided, to hell with the sponge fingers, I am going to Google Foucault. The sociologist who wrote Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison. Prison could be seen as a type of purgatory, yes?

I am sure the me of my last semester in uni would have been surprised of the me now. Foucault? Are you insane? His theories drove you insane, not to mention the waffling of your hippy lecturer about him.

The me now is just trying to grasp on just about anything that reminds me of wonderful times, even if I didn’t consider it wonderful at that time.

Now, I’m just regretting the fact that I didn’t read properly about him. Pretty fascinating, I have to say. Still, I suppose it is not really my cup of tea. Or should I say coffee? Brewed coffee please, thank you.

God, I love brewed coffee. Glad I finally got myself a coffee press. Ahhh…

And between a sociologist who specializes in Foucault’s area and an economist… Give me the latter anytime, thank you very much.

Still, I miss the original Nessie of my life.

No, not the Loch Ness monster, but pretty close.

They’re both Scottish. 😉 And with the most adorable accent. Hahaha.

Ahhh… THEFT!! 😛

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