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Nina, you’re going to be offended by this post as well; let me warn you before hand.

I thought that I will only hate one silver car; mine. For the sole reason that I am too lazy to wash the bloody thing. Sadly, since I am not working yet, my mother uses the car and she has some complex of wanting the car clean all the time. However, she insists that I should do the washing since it is mine and she’s just “borrowing” it.

Today, I hate another silver car.

Specifically, a silver Volvo.

I hate Volvos generally. I don’t get their need to make their car so long.

I especially hate those old models; those with bumpers as long as 5 inches. Seriously, it just makes it so goddamn long!!

I had to parallel park when we did our grocery shopping. My mother decided, why not make me drive this time. She’s tired and I need to practice.

Fine by me. With my new chant, I can do anything with a car.

Boosts my confidence by truckloads.

When I parked, it was reasonably spaced. I could go in and out comfortably with that space. And I made sure I was in the middle of the box. My mother’s quite OCD on those kind of things.

However, when we got back, this idiotic silver Volvo parked in front of us, with its stupid bumper and rear end getting inside our box, making it ridiculously tight for me to come out.

And my mother said I should be able to come out since I parked better and faster than she did.


She has been driving even longer than I have been alive!! And she’s asking me to get us out from that tighthole???

She used her typical reason to make me drive; “you need to learn how to do it one day anyway.”


Now, I declare that I freaking hate all silver Volvos. Heck, all Volvo for that matter. No way will I enter one anymore. I rather walk!!


Took me almost 10 minutes of maneuvering to get us out. And my mother just sat next to me, laughing.

I never laughed at her when she was struggling to drive!!

How cruel!!

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