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November 29, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Dear Nina,

I am responding to your comment; I don’t feel like putting another comment underneath yours. It just contribute hits for that particular entry for no reason.

You used past tense; move on la wei. And join me with hating the silver color on cars. Muahaha.

And I am changing the name of my blog. Immediately after publishing this post, actually. I just named one of my sheep with a name that starts with a C, finally. Haha. Cailean, pronounced ka-len. Male Scottish name; because the sheep wears a kilt and a hat. Hahaha. And I got it in Scotland 😉

How’s Vienna? Been some times since I talked to you. I’ll write on your wall on fb or something some time soon 😉


PS: This comment was on my post about my frustration with the color silver of my car.

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