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will update soon but am on battery. laptop dying. Sorry for long quiet.

even caps going haywire coz scared will die soon.


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Attention Malaysian Censorship Board

December 26, 2008 Leave a comment

Could you please explain to me, how in the world did the classification for the movie Twilight started off with being rated as 18PL, and then drop to PG-13, and dropped again to being U, through out the screening of the show in Malaysia?

Seriously, I am wondering how did that happen.

I thought you guys were bonkers when the movie was rated 18PL. The trailler might have implied it, but any idiot who read the book (and I have to say there must have been many; myself included. I have always known I was one. My alma mater didn’t, though) would have known it is not the case.

Please do explain how it from being rated the most youngsters-unfriendly to be all-age-friendly in less than 2 months.

And while you’re doing that, do explain how House Bunny became to be classified as U.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,
Extremely Confused Malaysian

Wishing you

December 25, 2008 Leave a comment

A very Happy Christmas!! πŸ˜€

I haven’t even started with my presents for my family; cookies.

Coz there’ll be too many of them; don’t know what to get them.

So, cookies.

However, being so busy, I have yet to bake them.

That is also why I haven’t been blogging. So busy!!!!

Might even need to work tomorrow, if I finish baking on time.


Will I be able to finish baking on time?

Maybe I should stay up tonight

Run on caffeine.


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I miss…

December 21, 2008 Leave a comment

Studying sciences.

Biology especially, but at least my doctors enjoy humoring me when I ask them questions.

I love my psychiatry tutorial that my psychiatrist gave me during the previous before last appointment. I saw her students scribbling away on their notepad and I wish I could have done the same.

So here’s a lolcat law of physics:

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals


Oh, and I also miss Wheetabix mini with the chocolate inside. Care to post it from Britain, anyone?

I used Britain; which means I include those in Wales!!!! πŸ˜›

Snowman suicides

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I realize that I haven’t sent all my Snowman Suicide Christmas cards. I feel horrid. It is soooo late already. And I haven’t even gotten the cards I want to send to my former tutors. I knoowww!!! So horrible!! Arrgghhhh!!! So tomorrow I definitely need to make time to go to 1Utama and get that gorgeous card that I gave to my personal tutor. I’m sending everyone that!! It’s just so pweedeeee!!!!

And I am sooooooo in lust over the new MacBook!!!! Waaahhhh!!! I waaannnttt!!! And so environmentally friendly too!!

I want a black MacBook. No white for me!

And the 2.4GHz one because it has illuminated keyboard!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!

OMG Twilight has made me so obsessed over the silly things in the movie; Bella’s MacBook, the Score, the original soundtrack, the unacceptability of Bella wearing leggings and tennis shoes to prom… Everything but the supposedly “perfect” Edward and the actor playing it.

But really, how am I supposed to think he looks perfect when I think he looked so much better playing Cedric Diggory?

Probably the “loyalty” to Diggory, I suppose.

I hate Harry Potter; the character.

Man, I feel like I should have screamed when the puuurrdeeeeeeeee MacBook came on screen.

It really was the prettiest thing in the WHOLE movie. Even the vampires looked ridiculous next to it.

To me anyway!!

Hahahahahaha πŸ˜›

Arrrggghhhh!!! I want a MacBook!!!!!!

6k is just so expensive man. I need to work!!! I need an actual job!!

Fine!! Will be hunting for one soon!!

Hope the recession wouldn’t hit Malaysia till I get a job!!

Or maybe I should wait patiently till the prices of everything crashes. Muahahaha.

This is such a bimbotic post. Just that I am not ogling a guy but a gadget. Hahahaha.

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Monday marked the first day I decided to actually even consider driving somewhere.

Actually, second. But let’s assume it is the first, since I didn’t actually drive on that first time.

Ok fine; I didn’t drive to where I was considering to drive anyway.

I was considering to drive to Amcorp Mall, where I was to meet my new bosses. Haha. One of them is really… You wouldn’t be able to imagine he’s your boss.

The best thing is that this guy reads my blog. Ah well. Too bad wei. I’ve said it. I don’t like to backspace; just like I don’t like breaking.

The sky was gray, so I was worried that it might rain while I was waiting for a cab. However, I manage to get ready fast enough and got a cab. Oh, and it didn’t rain in the end. Just looked as if it was going to.

Got this really friendly uncle; he was chatting away. However, the topic was quite serious; he was talking about how I should be more careful with my handbag; need to avoid snatch thieves and all. He said that he would usually stop for a girl with a handbag as he doesn’t want them to wait too long for a cab and expose themselves longer to danger.

He also made a speech on how I should only travel during the busy times. Well, not too busy, but not during the deserted times, so that people would be around if something happens.

Just in case, what with the rise of rape cases.

Or so he says anyway. I don’t know; I skip those articles in the newspaper. Too depressing la. And also, I don’t know… Like the law of attraction says, the more you think about it, the more likely it might happen to you. And these people would usually try to get a scared victim than a confident one who would stare at them when they come to you.

They always want an easy victim and a higher probability of not being caught, after all.

So, I suggest, while you’re walking, stare hard at the people that are around you. Or just be aware; make them know that you’re looking around, and possibly could recognize them if need be later on.

The uncle emphasized on not to underestimate yourself, especially when it comes to rapists’ choice of victim. Especially since what they really want is just sex; so long as you have a vagina, they’re alright with it. Whatever your age, they’ll take.

He told me of this customer he had once. Another customer asked him to pick her up to go to the airport early in the morning. He woke up a little early, but decided that he might as well go there and wait for the customer.

It was 5 in the morning. He saw a lady in her forties on the side of the road he was on, alone, waiting for a cab. On the other side of the road was a busstop, and there was a lad of a certain nationality, in his early twenties. He crossed the road and made his way to the lady, when the uncle honked. The lad asked the lady something and walked away, and the lady got into the uncle’s cab.

The uncle asked what did the lad talked to her about, and she responded that he was asking where was the nearest busstop. Rather a weird question considering you were already at a busstop, don’t you think?

So the uncle scolded her; how could she not care about herself and what was she doing so early in the morning.

The lady’s reply was “I’m already so old, who would want me?”


I was so shocked. Doesn’t she know that sex addicts and rapists don’t care whether you’re sexually attractive or not? So long as you have the right instruments, they don’t care.

My god…

After finishing his tale, he asked me those simple pleasantry questions; where I am from, what do I do, blablabla. And amongst those, am I Chinese?

Cabbies really like asking me this. I don’t know why. I can understand it when I speak in Malay; since I look Chinese but talk Malay like how a Malay would…

This guy said the most laughable thing (then anyway) to me; that I was pretty.


My God!!

Well, he said “oh, got Chinese blood eh? No wonder you so pretty” (sic).

When I got out of the cab, I was thinking… yeah, only my blood is Chinese. The rest is Malay; heart, liver, eyes, bones, skin…

Heee. πŸ˜›

And when I was going back, the cabbie told me that I should be a singer because I had a strong, nice voice.


My voice is nice. What a joke!!

Dum dee dum.


I drove that night after I saw how secluded Jalan Duta was. Just to practice. And had annoying drivers giving me the finger when I checked my blindspots and mirrors and saw no one. Just because I messed up his “groove” (like the Emperor’s New Groove groove?). Rude bastard. And another idiot; just because he drives a bigger car, doesn’t mean he can weeve in and out of traffic!! I mean, how impatient could you be to wanna cut the line in a bloody tunnel??? You’re willing to risk your life to save a few seconds? Goodness!! Good thing my car’s pick up is a little bit slow (some semi-automatic crap I don’t really understand). Bleargh.

During my many driving sessions (or should I say getting lost sessions?), I thought about a new swear word that I could call these annoying drivers.

I came up with seribabi jadian; the Malay word for “werewolf” is serigala jadian; babi is pig, serigala is wolf. I combined the two, but since wolf had 4 syllables, I thought just use the whole word for pig. In a way it also means beautiful werepig since seri means beautiful; a kind of beautiful anyway.

However, seribabi jadian is very very ugly. It is a huge hairy pig, and is more disgusting than normal pig.

How stupid can you be, to make a bargain with the devil to be a hairy pig.

Yeah, that’s how stupid those drivers are.

On werewolves… while I was watching the 5 Harry Potter movies with my cousin, in the third movie… Where Remus Lupin changes into a werewolf? And Sirius Black turns into a dog and fights with it/him?

Reminded me of Van Helsing. The thingy about how Dracula could only be killed by a werewolf or something?

The actor who plays Sirius Black, Gary Oldman, was Dracula once; in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

How interesting, eh?

Air Kota???

December 20, 2008 Leave a comment

My aunt came on Sunday… after sending one of my cousins to her rented home at the area where she’s studying. She’s doing accountancy, so I guess she’ll be the first professional instead of me, since I don’t plan to practice law. Hee.

I didn’t know that she was coming with her eldest and youngest son, with the former bringing along his family as well.

And of course, my youngest cousin; she has to be brought. Refuses to be left at home, regardless whether it is her father or mother going away. Only exception is when my uncle goes to work.

The eldest son has 2 daughters, the first just two years younger than her youngest aunt and the other 3 years younger. Admire their aunt to bits; would follow just about anything that their aunt does.

Apparently, the said aunt told them how she tortured a fellow aunt (yours truly is the said aunt, in case you’re wondering) to watch all 5 Harry Potter movies the day before they arrived at our hometown. My mother and I left about an hour after they arrived; wanted to beat the KL rush hour.

And regardless of the fact that they, too, don’t speak or understand English, they wanted to watch the movie.

And kids being kids… Not being able to pronounce things correctly still, and added to the fact that they speak so fast… Harry Potter manage to turn into “air kota”. It is Malay; air means water, kota means… city, I guess? Mother is hoarding the Malay-English dictionary now.

Interesting, huh?

Oh, I manage to convince them to go to bed instead of watching such scary movies.

I am relieved that they’re finally comfortable around me. When I first met them during my cousin’s wedding, they were rather scared. After all, I doubt the elder one would have been able to remember me nursing and burping her when she was a wee 2 month old baby. And it was the first time I met the younger one.

And to not have been able to see my older nieces and nephews for 3 years. Oh my!! How they have grown!!

I feel old…


And it doesn’t help that there’s a guy in a batch below me has gotten married and another girl got engaged to be married after graduation!!

My my…

I feel like a spinster…



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