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Trust me to be fairer in sunny Malaysia than I was in gray cloudy England.

Though to be honest, I have been avoiding the sun. Much more than I did in England. Heck, then I literally chased the sun there since it’ll feel warmer. Though only during the day when it is cold; I prefer when the sun is not out generally.

I’m turning more and more yellow though. Sigh. Back to my yellow-Chinese-skin self. Well, I suppose it is a good thing that I don’t get freckles. Would be worse, I would think.

I’m just depending on sunblocks nowadays. I no longer use whitening lotions; I’m in love with Garnier Pure. However, staring at my face today, I’m thinking that maybe I should get a bottle of whitening lotion.

My forehead, which tend to be darker than the rest of my face, is now the same tone as the rest of my face. Fascinating, really.

And my foundation is too dark for me now. Even at usual times it is darker than my actual complexion. I don’t know why I pick a tone darker. I suppose it is a safer bet than the fairer one; I would end up looking gray. So with the darker tone, it at least gives me color.

I think I should change my blusher color. I think rose color suits me better than apricot-ish, regardless what the lady at MAC tells me.

Man, to give up a  MAC blusher… Thank goodness it is not a MacBook. 😉

Arrggghhhh I want Bella Swan’s MacBook!! Just so puurrrdeeeeeeee!!!!!

Okay finish with the advert; back to the main topic.

Maybe I should lighten my hair; the highlights did bring in color to my face. However, my hair is now getting darker again. Sigh. I should have followed their advice and colored my whole head and the had highlights put in.

Going into the sun to get myself a “tan” is out of the question though. Yesterday, when I went out to get newspaper, the sun was shining very brightly. Well, it was noon after all. Anyway, I went out just to get newspaper at the shops in front of my house.

I came back looking red and itchy.

Serves me right to not have worn any sunblock or sunscreen.

Story of my life now. The three years I spent in the gray English Midlands has made me pathetically weak.

I think I should have been a redhead, with my horrible sensitivity to the sun. Maybe I was one in my past life. Maybe I should have been in my current life, until God belatedly remembered I would be born to Asian parents.

“Oh, she would need dark hair and eyes instead.”

Heck, even my eyes look different!! Color, I mean.  I still have the chinky Chinese eyes.

I suppose this is what happens when you wear contact lenses. You’re more alert to the changes of your eyes.

I don’t know; but somehow it seems that the black rims at the outer corner of my irises are getting more obvious. Oh, you wouldn’t be able to see, I would think, unless you stare into my eyes real close. And I won’t let it happen anyway. I get uncomfortable when people invade my space.

I’ve always known that rimming my eyes with khol would make my eyes somehow look lighter and somehow more intense. It’s the reason why I like eyeliners so much. Haha.

And now, somehow, even without the eyeliner I get the effect.

Fascinating, huh?

Do you believe that your eyecolor could lighten?

Well, I suppose just to their original color, I guess. And since my contact lenses have UV block… Probably, eh? Who knows.

Sigh. I would need a whitening cream.

Edit: My cousins think that maybe I should go out in the sun more often; they think it is quite worrying. My complexion, I mean. Sigh.

Oh, the whitening cream is because… I don’t know. It lessens the yellow, somehow.  Radiant fairness instead of paleness. No one wants to be pale, right?

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